weekends / saturday six (2016.04.09)

(1) I love bringing Suja Mighty Greens juice to work in a S’well bottle, since it stays chilled. The extra large bottle from Costco is reasonably cheap and it lasts us for a few days. We grab a few bottles every time we go to Costco. You can find the S’well bottles here and here. I have a 9 oz for juice and a 17 oz gold one for water, which always gets comments.

(2) Lots of Mansur Gavriel on Barneys available for pre-order, including the saffiano mini buckets, regular buckets, lady, and tote. The craze has died down a little — highly sought after styles and colors still quickly sold out when MG launched last week, but the unpopular styles took a while to sell out and some are still available.

(3) Skincare favorites of late with empties: LJH Propolis Ampoule, Pixi Glow Tonic. The former is seriously cheaper when one of the Asian sites has a sale and that’s when I stock up. I use about 3 drops a day for the glow factor and it’s lasted about 3 months. You may be able to get the Pixi in-person from a local Target through the Curbside app with code MGPEN for $10 off.

(4) I have a ton of Sephora gift cards to use. As a lowly, free Beauty Insider status, save 10% today through Tuesday with code BINOTE. If you’re not a Beauty Insider, you can sign up on their website and the code should work. In my cart, for further filtering:

If you’re curious about May Lindstrom, this Rodale’s 20% off one item sale is probably the only time you’ll find it on discount. Unfortunately, shipping is not free.

(5) COS is having their mid-season sale. I really liked the royal blue version of this textured knit cardigan jacket, so I picked one up in black. I feel spoiled with these COS sales and not having to pay full price (which I used to do whenever I visited a country with COS). I do have some items that I love a little less, which leads to my next point.

(6) I’ve been cleaning my closet and unpacking some boxes that were never unpacked. Some items go for the donation bag, a few go to the trash. If its worth more than a “few dollars” of profit/not too much trouble, I will list it on eBay, Poshmark, or Tradesy. I would donate to Dress for Success if they didn’t make you dry clean everything before you donate and more flexible hours.

  • eBay still reaches the largest market. It can be stressful but they give the seller the most flexibility and control.
  • Poshmark hits a niche and if it doesn’t take too much trouble to cross post, I will. I’m not sure about selling more expensive items though. My biggest gripe is how they provide shipping labels (in the middle of a sheet of paper) and how I always have to screenshot and paste in Word to manipulate it to print on my label paper. It’s US-only and you don’t get paid until a few days after the item is received.
  • I haven’t used Tradesy too much and definitely put it on the bottom of my list — I really dislike how you aren’t instantly informed of a sale (more like hours) yet the buyer can message you and you can’t do a thing. There’s also a waiting period for your money.



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