weekends / saturday six (2016.04.16)

(1) Marimekko for Target is launching on Sunday, April 17, which means midnight tonight-ish. Aside from studying their lookbook, check eBay auctions (there was a press preview last weekend) and also understand Marimekko retail prices (no need to overpay for a Target collab piece!). I anticipate a crazy launch.

(2) Two thumbs up for Moshi CS. I use a Moshi iGlaze case for my Macbook Pro. The corner cracked. I continued on. Then it completely broke off about 10 months in. I wasn’t in the Moshi system for a warranty because I stupidly threw out the packaging before realizing the numbers I needed to register were on it. But at $50+ for the case, I figured it was worth a try to contact Moshi CS (before even attempting Amex Warranty Protection). After sending over photos of the crack, of another number inside of the bottom case, and the receipt, they sent me a brand new case! And I definitely registered this case…

I love this case, especially since I spilled an entire cup of ginger beer over the closed case once and my machine was completely protected.

(3) Two thumbs up for Instant Pot CS. My stainless steel Instant Pot liner interior was chipping. At least that’s the best way to explain it. I’ve never seen stainless steel chip or have any sort of wear, so I hope that was a one-off. Similarly, Instant Pot sent a new one!

(4) I love the Dr. Jart Liftra contour shaper tool that I got from Sephora. So much that I promptly ordered the set for my mom during the site-wide sale, even though I haven’t tried the products that come with it yet. I bought the shaper to improve circulation in my face (and have tried it on the body too), but it’s touted to help with sculpting facial contours, improve elasticity and sagging skin. You can see it in action at NYFW from Dr Jart’s instagram here. Aside from Sephora, Dr. Jart Liftra is also available at Birchbox.

Image: Dr Jart Instagram

(5) Currently watching: The Americans (FX), Call the Midwife (PBS), Orphan Black (BBC America). And Turn (AMC) is coming back soon!

(6) I’m currently getting Birchbox (after a 5 year hiatus — I like them much better now and the $5 worth of points/month for reviewing). But, I’m realllly excited that Sephora is expanding their Play box distribution and I finally got off the waitlist. You can see all the boxes since they launched in 2015. If you like seeing the ‘just arrived’ section on their site like me, you’ll like it!

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