to pamper / weekend spa time at home

I try and do this once a week for ridulously clean and soft feeling skin. While it doesn’t have to be done on the weekend, that’s when I tend to have more time.

Step Zero: Wash Your Face

Step One: Exfoliating Mask to get rid of dullness and decongest skin.

Wash off with water and dry your face.

Step Two: Clay Mask to tighten it up.

Wash off with water and dry your face again. 

(Optional) Toner and Essence before the sheet mask to prime your skin.

Step Three: Sheet Mask to inject moisture.

After the sheet mask, pat in essence, and slap on some cream, and catch some zzz’s. 


  • Exfoliating masks, I like these. On its own, they give a great flow:
    • Renee Rouleau Triple Berry Smoothing Peel – not called a mask, but that’s what I use it for. It has AHAs, BHAs and enzymes. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes. Looks like raspberry jam.
    • Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask (Tata Harper $25/100 referral, Sephora, Birchbox, Nordstrom) – uses natural enzymes. I leave on for a while. The recommended time is 30 min, 10 min for sensitive skin. It spreads thin and will dry. Technically, you could wear it out [to the gym for example] and no one knows you have it on.
  • Wash off mask applicator – I recently got the Erborian Precision Mask Brush from Sephora. Right, you can probably find a similar silicone tool from the kitchen but this had a flat, wide tip that is perfect for application. What I like about this brush is that you waste less mask, even application, more hygienic for the mask jar, and no mask gunk to wash from your fingers. The tip is stiff yet flexible enough and it’s just narrow enough to fit into the Tata jar.
  • Clay masks – The Innisfree Jeju Volcanic ones are my favorite. The volcanic clay mask comes in a regular and super (for oilier complexions) in a capsule, jar, or mousse can. I’ve got jars of the regular and super and sadly the super has dried up a bit. More recently, I got the mousse can in super in Taiwan and I have to say it’s so fabulously fluffy and easy to spread, but is much harder to find in the US and shipping options are limited since it’s an aerosol can.
    • Jar: Amazon (only buy from Prime sellers, they have standards), Innisfree (ships from Korea, sometimes they have free shipping promotions/sales), Memebox (referral, 20% off $25+), Jolse
    • Capsule/Pod: ViaSeoul (formerly InsiderBeauty), Jolse
    • Mousse: ViaSeoul (formerly InsiderBeauty), Jolse
  • I haven’t tried this before but I heard you can also slap on a cheap sheet mask for a few minutes to soak and remove a clay mask.
  • There are plenty of sheet mask options. I have a ton of Taiwanese and Korean ones from trips to Asia. They are marked up outside of Asia and definitely at Sephora. They tend to be most cost effective if you buy them from a third party seller at Amazon or from Asia (shipping can be slow). E.g. You can find L’Herboflore locally in Taiwan, Bisou Beauty Bar (Canada), Beautibi (US), or BGO (Taiwan) with some markup.
  • Don’t throw away the excess liquid in the sheet mask pouch! You can use it on the body, save it for the next day for the face, or soak in compressed masks from Muji.

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