to pamper / my peach & lily picks

I debated whether to get the Peach & Lily Rue La La deal. After seeing that I had an additional 20% off on the site (not sure if it’s targeted), an effective 40%+ store credit, I bit the bullet. P&L got me started on Korean beauty about 3 years ago for which I’m grateful. There are a lot more resources online and US-based online stores now — I don’t shop from P&L often especially if it’s something I can order from Korea or another Asian site for a much lower price.

My P&L picks that I would buy at P&L because I can’t get it elsewhere easily:

  • Be the Skin. I really loved the Purifying White Waterful Serum and how it added to my cheeks’ mochi factor. I’m also interested in its toner counterpart (in white or blue), but I already have toner…
  • Shangpree. I’d gotten a sample of the Bitgoa Hue Essence Toner and I pretty much use it whenever I’m on vacation. I love it!
  • Dr. Dream Dream Age Radiance Powder Essence. I haven’t tried this one yet. It intrigues me and could be used with many of my other products. Unfortunately it’s currently out of stock!
  • Uka nail oil (not pictured). It’s actually Japanese, not Korean. I’d sniffed all of them and picked 24:45 up at Narita airport for slightly less dough. Love the applicator and it lasts a long time.

My P&L picks that I would buy elsewhere:

  • Mizon. I have the snail repair cream in a jar and may just decant into a Muji tube instead of buying it in a tube. This was also offered on QVC by Peach and Lily at some point. I also am a fan of their ampoules and masks. Their products are significantly cheaper through other sites but you can find them at Urban Outfitters and Target at the same price as P&L distributes to them if you want to buy it locally.
  • Aromatica. Their rose oil smells like heaven. FWIW, it’s hard to find it much cheaper elsewhere, but I haven’t looked it up in a while.
  • Hera UV Mist cushion. Reviewed here.

P&L also distributes May Coop raw sauce to Sephora. Personally I did not see any results with their raw sauce.

The Rue La La deal ends in 12 hours. Happy Shopping!

Images: Peach & Lily

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