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This post is a review of the Anthropologie store in Portland, Oregon and a few Future Glory Rockwell styles that I found there.

I visited Portland, Oregon a few weeks ago for vacation (after visiting numerous times for work). Portland is known for great food and the day trip radius has wine country and scenic views. It just happened that there are two stores that I really wanted to check out. This new Anthropologie store was one of them.

This store reopened in March 2016 as the first of their supersized destination stores. The Newport Beach store has since opened, King of Prussia, Palo Alto, and Walnut Creek are on schedule for later this year. These new stores are great news if you want to check out their home goods (which is so much harder to shop for online and at Anthropologie’s price points). This store is over 25,000 square feet and has two floors. The first floor has most of the ‘showrooms’, design center, beauty area, and sale sections (at least when I visited during the tag sale). The second floor has the fitting rooms, shoe/accessories area, lingerie, activewear, more clothes, more furniture, and a small sale section. The shoe/accessories area has a dedicated salesperson similar to department stores and inventory is kept in the back.

Yikes, the bags and accessories section was a mess. There were a ton of Clare V clutches and I also spotted an Ines (that was not in a good shape) and a Luce.

Quiet, almost hidden lingerie and activewear tag sale.

Bedroom furniture floor samples for sale.

I was also specifically looking for the newly marked down Future Glory purses. Anthropologie carried three styles and I easily found all of them, to my surprise.

Clockwise from top: Rockwell Grande in Merlot, Rockwell Midi in Merlot, Rockwell Mini in Merlot with Leather Strap

The Merlot color is a deep burgundy. (It’s also made in black but not sold at Anthropologie.) The leather is gorgeous and thick and reminded me of my first Clare V la Trop bag. Here are my reviews.

Rockwell Mini in Merlot with Leather Strap: This bag was too tiny for me (FYI, it is 8.5″ L x 6.5″ W x 6.75″ H per the Future Glory website) and I don’t need a bag that is that small and totally open on top. I found it strange how the version at Anthropologie didn’t have any strap hooks on the side of the bag like the photos on the Future Glory site. I’m not sure if it was intentional. Without the strap hooks on the side, the strap slides all over the gold hoops.If you order this bag directly from the manufacturer, the strap is optional and comes in leather or gold chain. No bueno.

Rockwell Grande in Merlot: Of the two remaining bags, this is the larger size at 13″ L x .25″ W x 13″ H. It is a flat bag. From an aesthetic standpoint, I like the ratio of the bag width and gold handle in the midi size more than the grande. The flat width does make it easier for travel from a packing perspective.

Rockwell Midi in Merlot: I liked this one the most. It measures at 9″ L x 2″ W x 9.5″ H and could easily be a work bag for when I don’t need to carry papers (I don’t have a work laptop, yay!). Since it isn’t flat, it could hold my water bottle or in general, more stuff.

It made me sad to see how dinged up the bags were on the Anthropologie sale shelf. Especially if they had a proper shoe/bag department upstairs. I’m not sure how much of their sale bags sell, but they should consider still having sale items that are prone to handling/wear sell out of their shoe/bag department. I also did ask a saleslady if they had more in the back – they did not. Scratches on the bags themselves I could’ve salvaged with leather care, but the dealbreaker was the peeling finish on the edges on all styles. They were a mess that I don’t think can be easily fixed.

So, I took photos of the two bags (in the design center) and bid them goodbye! I’ve admired the bags online for a while, but don’t plan to bite the bullet any time soon. They are a good price point (especially at the current sale price) and given the ‘store handled’ issues, I highly recommend buying directly from Future Glory.

Anthropologie’s own blog post on the new reopened store.

What did I buy?
I ended up buying this Whit [dotted and] knotted cutout dress. In person, the bottom flap of the knot conveniently covers the cutout for those without flat abs. This was also the first stop of the trip where the suitcase wasn’t planning on accommodating much beyond window shopping.

Nearby distractions/attractions
Greater Portland is split into quadrants — NE, NW, SE, SW — E and W are split by the river. Downtown is on the West side and officially in the SW. This store is just north of it in the Pearl District. It’s within walking distance to what’s officially called downtown. If you are in the area with your other people who don’t want to shop here, this store is located next to a Whole Foods (which I think is a destination worth checking out — we stopped by twice), Starbucks, Peet’s, Powell Books, and many other shops.

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