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 Stockists last updated on July 7, 2017

Part I: A.P.C. Half Moon (Demi Lune) Bag Review
Part II: A.P.C. Greenwich Bag Review and Comparison with Half Moon

The half moon is A.P.C.’s signature style and returns every season in different colors and leathers. Both of mine are in embossed/textured saffiano leather — I like longevity. The caramel brown one was from late 2014 and the bordeaux wine red one was from early 2016. In 2020, I picked up two grained styles but have yet to use them.

What I love

  • Crossbody. I can wear it crossbody, comfortably. The strap is about a 20″ drop and adjustable.
  • Capacity. It can fit a ton! It looks compact (9 ½”W x 7″H x 3 ¼”D) but it’s quite roomy and more than enough for my typical needs. The front and back of the bag both have ‘give’. There is an interior pocket that runs the length of the bag.
  • Lightweight. Leather exterior and fabric lining. I’m sure the smooth leather style is even lighter than saffiano.
  • Packability. I like to travel with it because it fits everything I need and is also easy to pack (I can fit other things in it if I leave it in the suitcase) or stay with me while I’m in my seat on the plane (getting stuff from the overhead is a hassle).
  • Safety option. It has a dual zipper pulls which is more useful than a single zipper. Having a zipper means you can zip it up when you feel unsafe. I normally don’t zip it and sometimes if I’m carrying more stuff, I don’t mind setting something towards the top that sticks up. It won’t fall out due to how it sits against my body.
  • Scratch-free and Maintenance. I use a diaper wipe to wipe it clean periodically. Even if it has some dirt, it’s not noticeable. You know I am a fan of saffiano/durable leather. I saw a few in smooth Italian leather and they had scratches. (This was before I was acquainted with Chamberlain’s leather milk. See my Mansur Gavriel brandy vegetable tanned mini lady bag review for more on Chamberlain’s.)
  • Lack of branding. Similar to my MG bags, it barely has any branding on it. (And you can see that the branding on my newer bag is a teensy bit smaller than the older bag.)

What I don’t love

  • Zipper teeth. At least with the saffiano leather, when it was new, the bag was pretty stiff and tight. Sliding your hand through the zippered mouth of the bag sometimes hurt.

  • Leather. I took this from an angle that illustrates my point. You can’t tell unless you scrutinize, but there are some weird spots/bubbles on the front of my red bag. Not sure what it is but I’m not that concerned.

Inside the Bag

I’ve been carrying the red purse to work last week since I carried it most of vacation. I dumped everything out for this photo – no planning went into this. Since the purse isn’t too tall, it’s easy to find whatever it is I’m looking for. I have been carrying a bit more beauty items than normal since it was really dry on the plane and during vacation. And I only had a contact lens case with solution because I lost a contact in my eye the other morning. (Don’t worry, it revealed itself 12 hours later.)

SPF is a necessity (Biore UV Perfect Face Milk and Mizon Ultra Sun Jelly for body); Comme des Garcons luxury side-zip wallet and Delfonics card caseAquaphor lip balm with SPF, Cerave healing ointment, La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume B5, L’Occitane shea butter hand cream, Uka nail oil (rollerball!), and Asian White Flower Oil in special Little Twin Stars rollerball.

In fact, there is plenty of room after I put everything back inside. I could’ve easily have fit a compact umbrella or a small water bottle in this space.

Where to Buy

The two I have are no longer available. In general, I find the half moon bags very hard to find for less than full price in neutral colors, but it’s not impossible. The non-half moon styles can be harder to find but tend to stick around a bit longer at end of season sales. It’s easiest to get on discount when Shopbop or another site has a site-wide discount. If you fancy a seasonal leather or color, you can’t afford to be too picky.

For a comprehensive list of APC handbag stockists, refer to my shopping directory post.

This is a list of where you can find the bags as of late 2016. Some are seasonal colors:

And of course there is also eBay and TheRealReal.

8 thoughts on “to shop / {purse diaries} apc half moon bag review”

  1. Hi there, I would really appreciate your help here! I just purchased the same textured leather APC demi lune bag as you, just that it’s in black. However I’m thinking of returning it because the teeth of the zipper is so painful whenever i reach in to put things or to grab something… may I know if the textured leather will soften with time? Because I see that there are creases along the leather on yours near the zipper, and mine already has creases after a day. I really hope that the leather will soften with use because now it just feels a bit like plastic :\ but i love the design of the bag so much and I really hope I can keep it!

    1. Hi there. I totally forgot about the teethiness of a new bag — the zipper area does soften up a little bit with time. I never think about it anymore.

      1. Thanks so much for the reply! Unfortunately I sold my bag already because for some reason it was still quite stiff and reaching in and out of the bag was always a nightmare for my poor knuckles. Maybe it’s just my bag – I don’t know why it hasn’t softened up after a few months of use? I’m reconsidering purchasing in the smooth leather now because I heard that it softens more! Although it means I have to baby it more because it is so prone to scratches!

  2. Hello, do you find the saffiano leather is scratch resistant? I purchased my demi lune bag in smooth leather and it scratches so easily. I’m thinking about repurchasing an embossed version.

    Thank you

    1. Hi, thanks for stopping by. Yes, it’s scratch resistant. I don’t have to baby it or maintain it at all. That said, I did somehow get a scratch on one of my saffiano half moon bags, but as there is a ‘sheen’ to the saffiano, it’s less noticeable and is only seen from a certain angle. I 100% recommend the saffiano!

      1. Excellent, thanks for your response! I do have to baby the smooth leather and unfortunately despite doing so it still has a nasty scratch on it that is noticeable from every angle. I think I will repurchase in the saffiano leather although they’re hard to find

  3. Hello! I’m thinking of purchasing the saffiano bag you have in red and I’ve been getting confused by all the different name colours – is it also known as wine/lie de vin? Because I want to purchase the exact one but the colour that’s showing up on this site: makes the bag look more pink then I’d like. Btw that pic of the bag is truly THE dream shade and I’d really like to get my hands on it (it’d be my first kind of designer bag). Look forward to your reply! Thank you :)

    1. Hi, that bag looks like the same color as mine, however, without putting it side by side, I can’t say they are identical. Mine was called bordeaux (which is a type of wine…). The difference in photos may be due to lighting.

      Here are some other photos of the same bag (current season) and the lighting does differ:
      Ssense –
      24sevres –
      APC –
      Matches, has video –
      Loit –

      Good luck on your purchase!

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