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After spending time in rainy weather wearing non-waterproof Repettos (don’t worry, they are fine) and returning home to more rainy weather, I decided I needed durable boots and logically looked into L.L.Bean “bean boots”. It also didn’t help that I’ve been wanting a custom boat tote and L.L.Bean sent a targeted 20% off e-mail a few days later…

L.L.Bean has a great ‘Made in the U.S.A.’ story and I love that every item is still lovingly crafted in Maine. I definitely need to make a trip to the Freeport, Maine store the next time I’m in the area.

Bean Boots

With age, I care less for the pretty and opt for utility and durability. These bean boots come in many styles for women, men, and kids. If you think you want them, hurry up, because they tend to get backordered (as summarized in this Atlantic article). They come with different linings or no lining. The general sizing advice is to size down for no lining and to order your normal size for styles with lining. I tried to go the kid route since the largest kid size of 6 is recommended for women with a shoe size of 8 and is lined/slightly cheaper, however, they are backordered until January. I ended up ordering the 6″ Bean Boots since the 6″ seems more versatile than the 8″ in both my normal size and a size down, in the wide width. I wasn’t picky with colors as the 6″ only comes in brown.

Canvas Boat and Tote Bag

The iconic boat and tote bag already comes in plenty of colors and sizes, but it’s not enough, is it? There’s a great custom option that lets you customize the handle length; colors of the handles, body, and bottom; pocket; zip-top; and monogram. You can’t go too crazy since there is a limited number of color options for each. Best yet, the totes are very reasonably priced, custom or not. I also discovered that the Japan site has different covetable styles, sizes, and colors, which is no surprise given the country’s part in keeping demand up for the totes!

This was my custom order (and I was able to find it already made on Instagram via #llbeancustom to confirm my inspiration). There was a strong urge to do an all navy tote.

Hunter’s Tote Bag

I love a good tote and ordered this in the smallest size, medium, in “olive drab” (as camo isn’t my thing and I don’t need another black tote). There are also options for zip-top or open-top. I have too many open-top totes, so it’s time for a zip-top tote. Since it’s in 1200 denier polyester with a water resistant coated interior, it looks like a super durable alternative to the Longchamp.

I will report back once I get my order.

All photos from and its llbeanpr IG.

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