to shop / l.l.bean custom boat and tote review

This was my custom tote preview:

The actual bag was just as pictured. (The background is the discontinued Ikea PS Sinka that I blogged about ages ago.)

I love the look, customization, and affordability of the bag. This is the small size with short handles and a pocket (which was facing back in the photos). The small size is good enough for a typical workday, although it gets heavy if I overload it with multiple bottles of water. It is pretty stiff and supposed to soften with age — I like that it stands up on its own. A dark colored bottom also helps it look less dirty. I opted not to add a monogram based on how they looked on others’ bags. There are plenty of other colors, so you can let your imagination run somewhat wild. I think those color options change occasionally. If you’re ever in Japan, they have more custom styles which I’m slightly envious of!

L.L. Bean is running 20% off their site this week with code SAVE20 through 11/15. I highly recommend this tote as well as the Hunter tote, which I picked up in green.

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