to pamper / drunk elephant product reviews, value sets, & how much is left in the bottle

(Left: AHA Moment and Let’s B Clear, Right: Dermstore Skin of Dreams Trio, C-ing is Believing)

I’ve been taking advantage of the recent promotions to restock my beauty closet — both on cost-effective drugstore favorites (that the mister uses too) and on the splurges. I consider Drunk Elephant to be a midrange splurge and current holiday value sets makes the price easier to swallow. Each value set comes with deluxe samples that are the same size as what’s in The Littles set — I can’t justify paying $90 for these deluxe samples. In most cases, the set is about the same price as a single regular priced item.

My Drunk Elephant experience to date:

  • C-Firma Day Serum (vitamin C serum) – Reviewed. Used for a year, but more seriously the second half of the year. I finally finished one bottle and opened a new one. The color of the old serum was darker/more orange than the new serum due to some changes they made to the formula color since so many people thought the darker color meant oxidation (it’s the natural color of the ingredients). I forget where I read it – maybe Instagram or Facebook. I really love this product and apply it on clean dry skin after I cleanse. Lately I’ve been mixing it with the hydration gel.
  • T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum (AHA serum) – Used for ~3 months sparingly. Great AHA/BHA. I have used chemical exfoliants in the past, but haven’t lately. I’m wary of the effects of overexfoliation so while I’d love to use this every night, it’s more of a 1-3x a week thing for me and never on consecutive nights or after I use another product with exfoliating ingredients. Sometimes I skip the entire week. I put a healthy dose of facial oil or cream on top of it. This will make your skin more sensitive to the sun so I wash my face well in the morning and SPF is a must.
  • B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel – I didn’t need this but got it because it came in a set. I find myself reaching for this often in the morning to mix with the day serum, pre-SPF. It helps the day serum apply better. It may work in the summer months, but it’s not moisturizing enough in colder weather to be the sole source of hydration.
  • Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil – I’ve used this a few times in the last month. I like it but I can’t say I love it as I have other oils. I will have to review this along with the Tata Harper and Tatcha facial oils in the future.
  • Shaba Complex Eye Serum – Black tea ferment and copper peptides? Yummy. The packaging is also gorgeous and has an airless delivery that prevents contamination. I don’t wear eye cream regularly and include my eye area in whatever I put on my face. I really hate pots of eye creams, so let’s see how this goes.

Note: I consider myself to have normal to combination, resilient skin. My cheeks are the driest part of my face. I put everything above on my entire face but if I feel like my nose area is already well hydrated by other products, I will skip the oil. I use other products in my routine, e.g. cleanser, serums, creams, etc. You know your skin best, so patch test if you need to.

What else I love about DE:

  • Packaging: I love the airless pump packaging on their serums but the downside is you can’t see how much is left. I cannot comment on how long each sample or full size item lasts.
  • Ingredients: non-toxic, fragrance free, and transparent (everything is clearly stated on their website which cannot be said for many other brands).

What I don’t love about DE:

  • It’s not cheap.
  • I love airless packaging, but… I can’t tell how much is left! (Scroll down!)

Where to Buy 2016 Holiday Sets

For out of stock Sephora products, sign up for their e-mail alerts and/or check your local store. While the holiday set boxes are cute, I’m fine with the spartan packaging the Dermstore sets came in. I can see how that wouldn’t fly with Sephora merchandising.

Where to Buy Drunk Elephant

  • Drunk Elephant. They do have promotions very rarely, shipping is free for $150+.
  • Sephora. I prefer Sephora for the convenience, samples, loyalty program, and return policy.
  • Dermstore often has promotions, however, DE is usually excluded. The only reason why I purchased DE here is because they have different value sets (had to restock the C serum) and they had a 25% off Black Friday promotion that included DE. Dermstore has good customer service.

How much is left in the bottle?

Update: You can also yank the top off of the larger bottles. Make sure your hand and bottles are dry. I’m not sure about the smaller ones.

I just finished my bottle of day serum and came up with the brilliant idea to weigh my empty bottle versus full bottle. I used a scale that I use for weighing outgoing packages. It’s down to the ounce, so not super precise nor have I ever calibrated it. Also, as I noted above, the formula changed and I’m not sure if it affected the weight of the serum (not the same as fl oz which measures volume), but at least this tells me something for the future. Best if you have your own scale to find your baseline. My day serum in its empty state was about 1 oz lighter. I also weighed the other products that I have versus the full bottle.

Left: Old, empty bottle just under 8 oz. Right: New bottle at 9 oz.

Left: Current bottle, used for 3 months. About 8.75 oz. Right: New bottle at 9 oz.

Left: Current bottle, used for 1 month. About 9.75 oz. Right: New bottle at 10.3 oz.

Full bottles of the Littles. 

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