to shop / {deal alert} ferragamo vara pump in black leather

June 18 Update: If you recently purchased (~10 days ago) a pair of Ferragamos on sale from Bloomingdales, they have an additional 25% off sale (code SAVE25). You can ask for a price adjustment, but don’t wait too long because last time the SAVE25 lasted for one day. They have restocked the aforementioned Vara pumps numerous times even during the day as well as these neutral patent Varina flats in pink bon bon. A steal!

These classic Ferragamo black leather Vara pumps are 40% off at Bloomingdales and 35% off at Nordstrom. Currently, there are only large sizes available but if you’re looking for a pair, I would check back for popbacks. Non-patent Varas and Varinas are much harder to find. I wear the black patent ones all the time for work and have been wanting to get some in smooth leather.

Read on for my brief Ferragamo review and comments on sizing.

I only like two styles: the Vara (low heel, block pump) and the Varina (ballet flat). I size up for patent leather and it’s a mixed bag for smooth leather. Patent also doesn’t stretch whereas smooth leather will.

  • Vara is a pump with a 1.5″ block heel. I have this in patent leather and often wear them for work. I am thinking of putting in a cushion under the ball of the foot to make it even better. I find the width of these to be more generous than the Varina. I take the standard width (B) and I consider myself to have wide-ish feet.
  • Varina is a ballet flat. I prefer this in non-patent leathers and in seasonal patterns like the ones I reviewed — I’m still wearing and love them. Recently, I got a pair of patent ones and we’re going through growing pains in the office. Whenever I change shoes at the office, I rarely choose the patent Varinas and haven’t even gotten to the stage of taking them to the cobbler yet. I took the wide width in the Varina. I find them very narrow compared to the Vara.

Both of these styles come with leather bottom soles so after wearing them in carpeted areas and minimal pavement, I will take them to the cobbler.

I prefer US retailers (with easy returns via mail) over international retailers, unless they have a super easy return process (like Matches Fashion and Farfetch). Sizing can differ in the same style/leather. E.g. there was a similar seasonal cap toe pump last year in different colors and I tried multiple sizes and none of them fit. The leather was softer and my heel couldn’t stay in. If you need different widths, department stores (Bloomingdales, Nordstrom) and Ferragamo themselves have the best selection of sizes and widths. (The above shoes were purchased from Bloomies and drop shipped from the Ferragamo warehouse. A common practice.)

2 thoughts on “to shop / {deal alert} ferragamo vara pump in black leather”

  1. Hey, love your site! Have you ever done a post about taking care of your shoes? You mentioned a cobbler here – what do you usually get done? Trying to figure out how to take better care of my leather shoes. Thanks!

    1. Hi, I did a post a long time ago on getting a cobbler to add a rubber sole: They are a shoe doctor and can fix most leather things. Yelp is a good place to start for finding a good one. Also depending on the shoe, you may condition/clean the leather, but I’ve rarely done that — I do it more to some purses.

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