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Image: Mansur Gavriel

Since the inaugural sample sale in NYC in April 2018,  Mansur Gavriel had a sample sale in LA in August 2018 and is now having one in London starting in the morning. The best part about these sample sales is that they also have one online! The prices and selection do not compare with the in-person sale, and you may also have to deal with cancellations and hiccups, but it’s better than nothing.

Refer to this post for some tips and tricks and my review of the NYC online sale. Read on for my thoughts on the LA online sample sale (yes, I am a bit late on blogging this) and details of the London sample sale.

Styles/Colors/Leathers and Prices

All items are listed on the sample sale page. Prices were 40-80% off, similar to the last sale, however, the selection was very limited. If you like suede, Blu, Black, you were in luck. I really wanted a canvas bag, but not enough to get a large tote (too big) and bucket (also too big).

  • Day 1 (August 23):
    • Vegetable tanned sun $595 in Cammello, Brandy
    • Vegetable tanned large sun $655 in Brandy, Black
    • Vegetable tanned flat cluch $125 in Cammello
    • Vegetable tanned elegant bag $450 in Brandy
    • Vegetable tanned mini saddle bag $355 in Black
    • Vegetable tanned metropolitan bag $200 in Black
    • Patent mini mini bucket $175 in Rosa
    • Patent mini bucket $225 in Rosa
    • Patent mini mini sun $200 in Rosa
    • Calf bucket $350 in Burgundy
    • Calf mini lady $525 in Rococo
    • Calf lady $600 in Royal
    • Calf mini mini sun $275 in Blu
    • Calf mini mini sun $295 in Black, Brandy/Avion
    • Calf mini saddle bag $350 in Flamma, Moss
    • Calf mini saddle bag $350 in Olive
    • Calf mini folded bag $400 in Flamma
    • Calf elegant bag $415 in Coral
    • Suede mini mini bucket $200 in Blu
    • Suede mini bucket $250 in Brick, Rococo, Black
    • Suede bucket $300 in Blu
    • Suede mini lady $375 in Blu, Black
    • Suede lady $450 in Rococo
    • Suede mini sun $350 in Black
    • Suede sun $450 in Black
    • Suede large sun $500 in Brick
    • Suede drawstring hobo $400 in Brick, Blu
    • Suede volume clutch $175 in Sun, Sea Blue
    • Canvas bucket $265 in Creme/Black, Creme/Cammello
    • Canvas large tote $260 in Creme/Brandy
    • Stripe north south tote $295 in Blu/White
  • Day 2 (August 26):
    • There were no updates! (There were also no updates on the last day of the NYC sale.)

London Sample Sale

Fingers crossed that there is more selection if there are 4 days of sales. It’s also exciting that there is ready-to-wear. I wonder if there are any men’s bags included in the sale as I find them strangely appealing. From their e-mail:

Shop Bags, Shoes & Ready-to-Wear
online and via Instagram Stories
February 13th – 17th
6AM EST ⁄ NYC Time
11AM GMT ⁄ London Time

Shop in London at
The Music Room
26 South Molton Lane
Mayfair, London W1K 5LF
Wednesday Feb 13th 11AM – 8PM
Thursday Feb 14th 8AM – 8PM
Friday Feb 15th 8AM – 7PM
Saturday Feb 16th 10AM – 5PM

Good Luck!

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