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PSA If you wanted a blush mini bucket or teal saffiano mini mini bucket for sample size prices, go here and use code LOVE20 for 20% off!

Feb 17 Update: Last update. Hope you got what you wanted (drop me a line!). After much thinking of what would spark joy, I ended up getting the canvas bucket in creme/black. 

Feb 16 Update: One more day of the sample sale. MG refreshes the sale page each day but there may be styles from the prior days that are not sold out. Also, if you can add to cart, click on checkout to confirm if it’s *really* in-stock! Good luck!

Feb 15 Update: Fingers crossed that unlike past sales, MG will be updating their online sale on the last day. See below for my Day 4 predictions!

Image: MG

The London sample sale started today. I like data points, so while I’m not able to post real-time updates about this sale (I have a job!), I hope this helps someone out for days 2-4 of the sale. (See my original sale post for the laundry list of tips.)

London online sample sale link

From their e-mail:

Shop Bags, Shoes & Ready-to-Wear 
online and via Instagram Stories 
February 13th – 17th 
6AM EST ⁄ NYC Time 
11AM GMT ⁄ London Time

Shop in London at
The Music Room 
26 South Molton Lane 
Mayfair, London W1K 5LF 
Wednesday Feb 13th 11AM – 8PM 
Thursday Feb 14th 8AM – 8PM 
Friday Feb 15th 8AM – 7PM 
Saturday Feb 16th 10AM – 5PM

Day 1: 

FWIW, very similar to the first day of the NYC online sample sale in terms of variety and prices. There is a color palette (light pink, white, dark red and red, browns, bright blue, dark blue, and black). Given that the sale is for 4 days, it’s shaping to be much better than the LA one!

There are irate comments in their Instagram posts of how they raised prices during the day and cancelled orders placed close to 6AM EST. I don’t see any evidence of price increases within the sample sale page since this morning, but it does look there are items included in the sale in limited quantities that are also available for retail (e.g. brandy triangle tote for $325 vs $745). Otherwise, all of the prices are identical with the NYC online sample sale, if it was available in that sale, except for the patent mini mini bucket.

As of 11PM, all of the bags are sold out except for the triangle tote in Flamma calf and Cammello vegetable tanned. Today’s selection:

  • Calf bucket $350 in Royal
  • Calf mini mini bucket $240 in Coral, White/Blu, Burgundy
  • Calf lady bag $600 in Rococo
  • Calf small tote $315 in White/Blu
  • Calf large tote $340 in Rococo
  • Calf north south tote $340 in Rosa, Flamma
  • Calf mini folded bag $400 in White/Blu, Blush
  • Calf mini mini sun bag $200 in Blush
  • Calf travel bag $645 in Blush
  • Calf circle bag $550 in Rococo
  • Calf triangle tote $325 in Flamma
  • Vegetable tanned large sun bag $450 in Brandy, Black
  • Vegetable tanned top handle rounded bag $355 in Brandy Avion
  • Vegetable tanned triangle tote $325 in Brandy, Cammello
  • Vegetable tanned folded bag $535 in Cammello/Rosa
  • Vegetable tanned mini folded bag $415 in Black/Flamma
  • Vegetable tanned north south tote $350 in Black/Flamma
  • Patent mini mini bucket $150 in Blu
  • Patent mini sun $150 in Blush
  • Tumble sun $350 in Rococo
  • Suede bucket $270 in Blu
  • Suede mini bucket $250 in Brick
  • Suede mini mini bucket $200 in Azzurro
  • Suede mini lady $375 in Blue, Black
  • Suede drawstring hobo $400 in Blu
  • Suede sun $350 in Rococo
  • Suede flat clutch $125 in Sea blue
  • Suede elegant bag $400 in Chocolate
  • Suede volume clutch $175 in Chocolate
  • Striped lamb crossbody $350 in Flamma/White
  • Striped lamb mini moon clutch $200 in Flamma/White

Shoes: They are $125 and ranged from $395 to $525 retail. None of the styles appealed to me. The only times I noticed MG shoes were the earlier version of these ballerina flats and ankle strap sandals. I rather get them in a classic color for a smaller discount.

Clothes: I have never seen or tried on their clothing. I like the colors. The fit looks slightly oversized. Items are roughly 70% off. It annoys me that measurements are only provided in cm.

Day 2: There was confusion over prices, I think only for non-US customers and related to VAT.

Day 3: Prices are only 50% off. There are some nice neutral basics, but they are relatively expensive!

Day 4: So much pale pink! Some of the ones I guessed are included in today’s sale. The rest I’ve deferred to Day 5.

Day 5: The links should go live around 6am, but as some have reported it may be much earlier. Some items that did not sell out on the prior days were carried over to another day, or they purposely saved some (like the popular patent mini mini bucket).

Good Luck!

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