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Spies and Assassins

The Americans series finale aired in 2018. Watch it if you like spy drama, Keri Russell, or slower character development. It’s set in the 80s towards the end of the cold war and focuses on two illegals. It’s not as action packed as Homeland. Stream all 6 seasons on Amazon Prime. I like it enough that I may rewatch it when I have time.

Deutschland 83 is another cold war spy drama set in 1983 on the East vs West Germany front. It’s in German and subtitled. If you like The Americans, you’d like this. I found it very addicting. Great soundtrack. The season is shorter and easy to get through. Anxiously waiting for the release of the second season, Deutschland 86! Stream on Hulu.

TURN: Washington’s Spies is based on a Revolutionary War Long Island spy ring. I thought season one was a little slow but perhaps it picked up after it knew it was getting renewed. It’s beautifully filmed and you see a lot of colonial homes and fashion. Washington, Hamilton, etc. all make appearances. Stream all 4 seasons on Netflix.

Killing Eve is a heavy yet lighthearted drama with two female leads playing a very well dressed assassin and a MI5 agent. I liken it to an airy cake donut (it exists, check out the Underwest dark chocolate donut). This was the best new series I saw in 2018 and if you didn’t notice, Sandra Oh won a Golden Globes for Best Actress – Television Series Drama. Stream on Hulu.


The Handmaid’s Tale is very heavy, scary, dark, and relatable to a certain degree to current American politics. I have friends who say they need to take a break to get through an episode. I never read the book which the first season is based on, and don’t think I want to. Elisabeth Moss does an amazing job. This is a show I watch for the sake of watching, not because I want to. Hulu exclusive.

Harlots is set in 18th century London brothels so it is a bit raunchy, gritty, and occasionally bloody. I thought season 2 was even better than season 1. If you miss Sybil from Downton Abbey, she is one of the female leads. Hulu exclusive.

Bodyguard is another great series from across the pond starring Robb Stark. It’s a relatively quick binge (only 6 episodes), a bit intense and suspenseful, like many British dramas. Stream on Netflix.

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