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Amorepacific owns a ton of brands (including Sulwhasoo, Laneige) but the Amorepacific brand itself is not popular in Korea. My Korean friends often don’t even know that there are Amorepacific branded products!


The Essence

I love the Amorepacific Vintage Single Extract Essence. Green tea leaves are picked by hand from Amorepacific’s green tea gardens on Jeju Island, naturally fermented for 100 days, then the tea extracted through a 24 hour process. The “vintage” is from the product of a single crop and the aging process. It is full of powerful antioxidants, which protect against sun damage and is touted to promote skin clarity, texture and elasticity.

I bought mine in Seoul last October and am almost done with the 4 oz bottle after non-daily use (I alternate with a Sulwhasoo water). I am a bit heavy handed with application. I shake some into my palm and spread/pat it on my face. It is very watery. If you use serums, essence helps your skin absorb the serum and you should apply them while your skin is still wet from the essence. My skin feels hydrated, dewy from using this essence in addition to healthy despite what serums I use.

The con? It is pricey. A full size bottle is 4 oz and $145. They recently started selling a 2.36 oz bottle for $95.

The Treatment Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder

This is a very popular item for AP’s sets. Chances are if you got a set, this was in it. You mix some powder with water and then massage it into your face, and then rinse. My skin does not feel tight, the pH seems to work well. A little goes a long way. I use it occasionally for a deep cleanse. I especially like using it before a sheet mask so the sheet mask can work off of a clean slate. Since it’s powder, it is TSA friendly. AP recently changed the packaging, I’m not sure if the formula changed at all. AP has an exclusive set of the full size powder and the mid sized essence for a good price (see below).

Other Products

  • Cleansing Oil – I’ve only ever tried this in the mini size. I like the formula but not the dispenser of the mini size. My face feels so silky smooth after I use the oil. It is scented and I don’t love the scent. I like trying new cleansing oils, so have yet to commit to a full size of this one.
  • Cleansing Foam – My friend loves this. It makes my skin feel a little tight, but after I apply my normal products, it feels fine. As someone who is deeply committed to the Cerave foaming cleanser for performance and value, I will use the free minis I get but will not commit to a full size.
  • Moisture Bound collection – This is their hydration line. I don’t like the scent so whenever I get something that has minis of this collection, I immediately gift it or it goes into the reselling pile. I especially hate the hydration spray. While the scent is also in some of their other products, it’s easier to tolerate when it can be washed off (cleansing product).
  • The Essential Creme Fluid/Vintage Wash Off Masque – I’m looking forward to trying these. The fluid is made with baby green tea leaves.

Where to Buy:

If you can get yourself to Korea…

  • Go to the Lotte Duty Free stores in the city. I went to one in Seoul and they had a great value set of the essence. I got 2 full sized bottles, 2 deluxe travel bottles, and a ton of minis/a roller for $209. This was not available on the app and I didn’t bother checking the airport.
  • Order on the Lotte Duty Free app for pickup at the airport and take advantage of the coupons (maximizing this would take a separate post).

In the US…

If you order from them, keep a record of your order confirmation screen. This didn’t happen to me on this site, but when I ordered from Sulwhasoo (sister site), I never got an order confirmation e-mail.

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