to shop / target: 20 years of design for all

I have much love for Target, especially their designer collaborations over the years. They are celebrating 20 years of designer collaborations and bringing back items from 20 partners (from more than 150!) on September 14. Twenty years is a long time. I had a lot less disposable income 20 years ago, but regardless, I still love these affordable collaborations.

Perusing the list of 150+, there are a few pre-2012 collaborations I never knew about or forgot about! And let me remind you that last time Target did a lookback on the collaborations’ dresses in 2011, Chrissy Teigen was the model.

  • Tord Boontje (2006), collaboration, and if you’ve followed me a long time, you will recall this curtain.
  • Richard Chai (2008), collaboration. I had quite a number of items from this collection. My favorite (and I don’t know what happened to it) was the dress in the blue/white print. There are quite a number of the dresses on Poshmark, but I feel too old for it now.
  • Thakoon (2008). The pieces I liked are all featured in the upcoming release. I didn’t pick up any items from the 2011 re-release, but will definitely do it this time. I wore the black dress enough that it was wearing out and holes formed. eBay didn’t have any good replacements. This release will also sell the skirt and tee separately in the same prints.

  • John Derian (2008, 2010). I was certainly not into John Derian back then. Tempted by this upcoming release, but I’m not big on melamine.
  • Orla Kiely (2009). Collaboration. Too bad this one isn’t coming back but it’s so close to the normal collection. My mom picked up so many pieces of this for me and I kind of regret returning too much of it. It was one of the few home collections that was not heavy on melamine.
  • Liberty of London (2010). This was a good one and there are still so many items on eBay, Poshmark, etc. This was when I could still dabble in the XXL girls’ department.
  • Tucker (2010). Collaboration.

Sadly it is hard to find lookbooks for the older fashion collections as many blogs are now defunct or publications RIP’ed.

You can click through the lookbooks for the 20 designers on Target now. Given the popularity of these releases, there is even a “How to Shop” page.

All images from Target

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