to shop / recent purchases

1 / I eyed these Duralex colored glass tumblers for years. Expiring Nordstrom promo credit finally made me do it. The mister says ‘they are great for ice cream’.

Image: Nordstrom

2 / I really like cleaning my face and in recent years, I almost always double cleanse. It feels so satisfying after a long day. I love love love this Farmacy Beauty Very Cherry Clean cleansing balm. The cherry scent is a limited edition version that is only available on their own site. While I like a sherbet texture, the Lip Smacker-esque faux cherry scent is why I really love it and I look forward to using it (like how I fell in love with oil cleansing with the Tatcha cleansing oil). Massage on dry skin, add water to emulsify, and wash off! This sells out at times but you can sign up for restock alerts.

Image: Farmacy Beauty

3 / I picked up a pair of borosilicate glass tea mugs at Merci in Paris. I searched online at the time, but didn’t see this specific one, or else would have considered buying these online in the US. But then, buying drinkware is a theme of my infrequent Merci visits. I also recently picked up a borosilicate measuring cup from a Taiwanese brand. Love how delicate and lightweight borosilicate is.

Image: HAY

4 / I saw this Muji “coat” on the mannequin and made a beeline for the racks. It comes in multiple colors and I think the light grey looks the best. It wears more like a light jacket, but it is much warmer than it looks. The fit is cocoon — but in comparing the US vs Asia size charts, it looks like sizing varies globally. It washes easily on machine delicate/hang dry. As much as I like it, I consider it to be too casual for work due to the heather grey sweatshirt material. (Edit: the US version is cut larger (wider, longer) and though it has the same fabric content, it feels thinner.)

Image: Muji

5 / Tissue turtlenecks are my favorite for layering. I tried the outlet version, but the fit of the retail line is superior. The printed versions aren’t as nice.


6 / Beauty Pie capsules are so convenient for travel, especially inflight pampering on a long-haul. I like using flat round Muji cream containers for storing a mixture of these — like a daily dose of vitamins as screwing/unscrewing the bottls adds to prep time. The ceramide and resveratrol ones for flight/evening and am trying the Vitamin C/E. I like most of what I’ve tried at Beauty Pie.

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