to shop / costco deals

Dyson Air Purifier Fan. We are spending all of our time at home now and after our first few days of working from home, we were in dire need of clean air. The construction next door prevents us from opening our windows. While the work has stopped, it’s still super dusty.

I got the Dyson TP02 was the second one I bought. I’m a huge fan of Dyson and both of their air purifier fans are currently $100 off . The TP02 has wi-fi capabilities unlike the TP01 that may be discounted elsewhere.

Beauty. They are having a “Days of Beauty” event but not everything below is a part of it.

    • Boscia $10 off  tsubaki beauty oil and sake water
    • Skinesque Substantial discounts. It’s a Korean-American brand which I haven’t tried.
    • Tons of new items in the premium hair care section.
      • Christophe Robin
        • Cleaning Volumizing Paste. Mentioned in my last post. It’s cheaper than the Sephora sale.
        • There are other shampoos available.
      • Leonor Greyl. I haven’t tried this brand yet, but let me know if you have any recommendations. I would like to pick up a few things but am waiting to see if they will have a promotion.
      • Davines shampoo and conditioner bundles.
      • Kerastase (which I never got into)

Nespresso capsules. They have Peet’s on sale. Well priced if you need to stop up on quality capsules.


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