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Edit – February 13

1 / HILL HOUSE HOME had a nap dress drop on Wednesday. They had more stock than their October 2020 drop, so I was able to order what I wanted despite forgetting about the drop until launch time. They had me at the Ellie in black dots (which I plan to wear with a black turtleneck) and the emerald trellis pattern grew on me.

As of February 13, the super popular navy tartan is back in stock in the Ellie and Caroline! Not sure is this coincides with Princess Beatrice’s appearance in the Ellie.

Despite having 95% confidence in my HHH size now, I still like to order 2 sizes – just in case. I’ve never had a problem with returns and they are free.

Images: Hill House Home

2 / Cordless WaterPik WP-560. I hate flossing and I recently started Invisalign, which requires cleaning your teeth after every bite. It doesn’t eliminate the need for manual flossing, but I will take any help I can get. I bought this intending to use it in the shower, but my waterfall shower head isn’t great for refilling the tank. Since I use it after every meal, I much prefer to see bits of food falling out of my mouth into the sink. The tank is small, but it’s easy to refill in the sink. I typically refill at least once during each use. I haven’t had any battery problems mentioned in the Amazon reviews, but I also remove it from the charger once it’s done charging. I can’t live without it now.

  • I’ve seen the best price at Amazon.
Image: WaterPik

3 / Nuface Trinity Pro

I bought the NuFace Trinity microcurrent device in late 2018, but I didn’t start using it until mid-2020 (thanks to all those introspective Zoom calls). Do you see results? Absolutely, but you have to be consistent, especially in the beginning.

Recently, I discovered that there is a Trinity Pro version that has more microamps than the retail version and it’s sold for the same price! The Pro isn’t hard to purchase online, but it was hard to find on sale from an authorized outlet, which is important if you want warranty. If you don’t see the site on the list and it has a physical address, check the store locator.

  • Purchased from Exclusive Beauty Club, currently 20% off with code. Sold out!
  • Also available at LovelySkin with all attachments and at Shani Darden with the eye/lip attachment. I really like the eye/lip attachment and had picked it up separately. The attachment is on sale on QVC.
Image: NuFace

4 / HongMall is an iOS and Android shopping app. It has the hottest Chinese, Japanese, and some Korean/Taiwanese products for the US and Canadian markets. US buyers can buy from the US or Japanese warehouse. I miss shopping trips in Asia, so this is the next best thing. The downside is that you need to be able to read simplified Chinese. The upside:

  • Competitive pricing especially with promotions/value sets.
    • They have Korean sheet mask packs shipping from the US with a much cheaper price than buying from Korea.
    • For the price of one Dr Jart mask at Sephora, you can get ~5 of the same mask.
  • Unique selection.
    • They are the only authorized distributor for the Japanese home electronics brand, Bruno. They also have pantry goods, snacks, etc.
    • The app isn’t easy to navigate to me (they don’t have sorting functions), but it’s easy to see the top sellers and how many have purchased an item. I’ve discovered some new products as a result.
Image: Dr Jart

5 / VIP O2 Milk Cleanser

I picked up a few Biologique Recherche products before their mini price increase. A standout so far is the Lait VIP O2 cleanser. It’s like the Mercedes Benz of cleansers and I already regret not starting with a larger size. It left my skin incredibly soft.

Where to buy? I split my purchases across two sites to maximize on samples (specific requests). I also considered if the site charged sales tax. I got more samples from purchasing one product from Aida Bicaj than a pricey, multiple product purchase at Vicki Morav. Aida also has free shipping for $50+ whereas I had to find a coupon for Vicki. Viewing prices requires creating an account and logging into the site.

Image: Joanna Czech

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