general / {august 4, 2011} brain dump

I haven’t had time to churn out posts lately, so here is a brain dump.


  • I came across this great deal on one of my travel blogs. If you have the British Airways Visa (which I got during the 110,000 mile promotion), get $50 credit at any Michelin starred restaurant in NYC. Up to $100 credit. $50 purchase minimum. Many one-starred restaurants are very reasonably priced (and delicious).
  • There are too many options in my neighborhood.
  • Butter Lane‘s strawberry cheesecake cupcake is delicious. I brought some to a friend’s friend’s potluck and wish I kept it for myself. Haha.
  • Really looking forward to the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop opening. It’ll be a bit longer
  • There is a new, boozy bakery, Jane’s Sweet Buns, on my block. Something about the exterior seems icky (and maybe I never got over the fact that De La Vega doesn’t live there anymore). I’ll get around to checking out the inside one of these days. Its owner has Death & Co. roots.


  • I wish Alexander McQueen made more scarves without skulls on it.
  • I dislike princess sleeves or ruffled suit pieces. I can’t remember the last time I saw a tasteful interpretation of it, but I definitely don’t like it on grown women in a business setting.
  • How much exposed zipper can one take?
  • Gap needs to stop their (additional) 40% off sales. J.Crew’s additional 40% off didn’t help either.
  • Reminder to self: I am done with (buying) suits for a while.
  • So tempting, can’t help but look!

general / wishlist

People who know me well, know that I love to give gifts when I feel like it, and not for an occasion. I’m not sure if it’s a part of my Chinese/Taiwanese upbringing, but I especially love sharing food or other small things. It is further encouraged when it is reciprocated. My roommate is a regular recipient of many red bean, hot pink, and/or funky things that I encounter, but for the occasions where I have to gift, I often save things that I get from shopping trips and vacations. I then add it to a stockpile for that person. E.g. P’s birthday present was years in the making.

As much as I like to gift, I am not a big fan of presents because I am particular. Luckily, with age, dinners often replace presents and those who gift has been hitting the mark without prompt. If I had to make a wishlist, what would be on my list, or what would I gift if I didn’t have a stockpile?

Image source: respective manufacturers and major retailers.

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general / recent finds

It’s a tough time for NYC-based shopaholics due to the revolving door of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Friends and Families, crazy year-end sales, and sample sales. I should be glad that work takes up so much time that I can’t take advantage of some of the sales. What can you do?

Anyways, here are some recent finds that I have been recommending to friends: Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Therapy Cream, more Uniqlo, and Ann Taylor, as well as some old finds that I’ve been raving about for ages: American Express Return Protection and Talika.

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