to shop / repetto sales (as of 2010.12.22)

Update: See the Repetto shopping directory post and other recent posts for updated information.

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One of my obsessions is finding Repetto ballet flats on sale. Repettos are beautifully crafted, handmade, quality, French, and chic. They are as delicate as the NYC streets are rough. Stop by a cobbler and get a protective sole affixed. It’s worth the money! I don’t recommend them if you like to run your shoes into the ground.

My favorite is the classic BB style (named after Brigitte Bardot) which has the perfect ballet flat shape. Be warned that they run about a full size small. US 8 M = EU 39.

The end of the season sales have started. Listed in order of best to meh, find Repettos on sale at:

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to travel / european flight bargains

In 2009, I went to Europe 3 times for vacation, thanks to great flight deals!
– May, United Airlines, LGA-IAD-Rome. $300. Booked through CheapTickets.
– September, Delta Airlines, JFK-Zurich. $240. Booked through Delta.
– October, Delta Airlines, JFK-Barcelona. $300. Booked through Delta.

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to shop / uniqlo +j 2010 fall & winter collection

I was somewhat obsessed with this season’s +J collection in that I almost paid weekly visits to Uniqlo to see if they restocked. This is what happens when there is only one store in the U.S. and no online store! I even saw Lynn Yaeger during one of my visits (thanks to SY for helping me ID her).

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