to shop / chanel

I recently made the biggest accessory purchase of my life. The ubiquitous Chanel quilted m/l in black caviar leather with silver hardware. I remember the first time I visited Hong Kong in 1991. My great-uncle bought me a k/o. Fast forward 19 years later… this purse was still on the top of my want list. There were rumors all over the blogosphere of an 30% price increase effective August 1. (And let’s not mention the % increase over the years, let alone the last 5.) I decided. It was only a matter of time — buy low.

And the rumors were true.

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to shop / favorite things, pt. 1

I’ve lost beloved accessories over the years. There was a 24k gold cross necklace that my mother gave me when I was 12. It had been a gift from her father when she was in college. I think it was stolen by the movers – I didn’t know they were coming. Then, there was a pretty cheap white gold ring in HS that I lost in the soccer field… and countless lost earrings.

2009/2010 has been a rough year. Two gloves from different Longchamp leather glove sets. A black Gucci silk/cashmere shawl that I acquired at the Florence Gucci outlet left on a Metro North train. My Blackberry slipped out of my clutch while we were in a Berlin club. I was getting ready in a cab one morning and forgot I’d put my Antonio Ben Chimol nude leather wrap bracelet from Copenhagen on my lap until 6 hours later. Luckily, I was eventually able to figure out the brand of the bracelet (thanks, Google cache) and have located a replacement.

So after some painful losses, I’ve decided to attempt to document some of my favorite things. Just in case.

  • Limited edition Clare Vivier clutch in a gorgeous embossed leather. This never made it to her website. I was clued in by her blog
  • Virginia Johnson red peacock merino gauze shawl from the Summer 2010 collection. Because you can never have too many shawls and I was finally able to snag one at 50% off from a Twitter friend tip.
  • Minimalistic Casio watch from Asia (gift from P).

to shop / Line and Dot

*January 2011 Update*
Sadly, the clothes are much more promising online than in person. Maybe it’s me. If you want to give them a try, I suggest signing up for their mailing list and FB page to get sale notifications. They had a 30% off code around the holidays. Urban Outfitters also carries the nude/black bow blouse. The quality of silk is mediocre. Also, their website/email blasts could use work, especially with  picture resolution!

Months ago, I came across Line and Dot in a magazine. They were a little hard to find since their brand name isn’t easily google-able and fairly new. I eventually found them, their Facebook page, and am now happy to see that they’ve been setting up their online retail shop. I’m waiting for the rest of their F/W 2010 line to go up and am also curious about sizing, pricing, and if they actually use silk for all of their flowy pieces.

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