to shop / rethinking shopping

I was overdue in cleaning my room by a few years. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I didn’t love shopping so much and had a normal amount of me-time. I didn’t have much time to do it, but I easily filled up 3 bags of thirty gallon trash bags before I left the … Continue reading “to shop / rethinking shopping”

to shop / anthropologie sale: heikki and cast chroma

Anthropologie does markdowns on Tuesdays. There have been a lot of markdowns this week and last. I like these two items from this week’s markdowns. Of course they’re not marked as low as I’d like them, so that means I will be watching them closely. Twinkle by Wenlan’s Heikki Blouse. It’s lace and has bows … Continue reading “to shop / anthropologie sale: heikki and cast chroma”

to shop / marinière & stripes

While I love lace, polka dots, and marinière stripes, my love for the former two are waning. I think stripes are the most versatile print of the three. I think I’m far from getting sick of stripes — I picked up five striped tops in Paris! Each interpretation was so unique. Look how cheerful a … Continue reading “to shop / marinière & stripes”

to shop / shopping black friday online

{Update on December 17} I haven’t started shopping, or really eating, yet in Paris. It does help that the Parisians don’t really believe in having sales more than twice an year, or that French brands like Repetto or Petit Bateau is cheaper stateside than here, for the most part. After resetting my expectations, I turned … Continue reading “to shop / shopping black friday online”