to shop / get clare vivier sac bretelle, messenger, or clutch for less through R29 reserve

Refinery29’s deal site, R29 Reserve, has a deal at Eaton Trading Co.: Spend $100 for $200 worth or credit, or $150 for $300. If you plan it well, it is effectively 50% off. Best yet, they have Clare Vivier, APC, WANT les Essentiels de la Vie to name a few brands (in both men and women’s). The deal dies on Monday, May 14, and the CV stock has already been dwindling. Now, I don’t need any more CV, but if you do, be sure to check out this promotion and read the fine print!

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to shop / marni x h&m necklace

As smoothly as the H&M collaborations are run, I’m usually too lazy to wait in line. I’ve never gotten anything from their designer collaborations, but couldn’t resist the lily of the valley necklace from the highly anticipated Marni x H&M collection.

It reminds me of a toy because it sure looks like one! It is very well made. Each piece’s position can be manipulated and moved up or down the leather cord. I like to wear it as a choker style (as seen in the last image), but think it could also work as a belt!

to shop / striped clare vivier on sale

If you haven’t noticed by now, Anthropologie rolls out markdowns on Tuesdays. Two of their striped Clare Vivier styles have been marked down:

I believe both are Anthropologie exclusives. The clutch is still available online as of press time, but the tote is sold out since it’s been on sale for a while. You can always try calling Anthropologie and ask them to do a search.

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to shop / clare vivier venice pouch on sale

Anthropologie has my favorite Clare Vivier on sale! Meet the Venice Pouch in a clean shade of white. I have one in bright pink. It gets thrown around in my purse and has held up very well. Besides, how easy is it to find a pink pouch in an sea of black?

Anthropologie is also carrying the new petit messenger sac (which is the baby version of the messenger), the blue suede simple tote (I have one in black leather), and the oversized pochette with neon stripe.