to shop / mcq alexander mcqueen studded ballerina flats

While it may not be apparent (through my past entries on lace, Liberty florals, and polka dots), I like a bit of edge. One day, I will have to gather the COS jewelry I’ve amassed over my visits to the continent that contributes to my “bit of edge” collection. Today, let’s talk Alexander McQueen. The man was a genius. If you didn’t catch the Savage Beauty exhibit at the Met, make sure you check out the book.

My edge tends focus on accessories. Many of his accessories have skulls on it. As nice as his scarves are, I can’t get myself to buy or wear anything with a skull on it. I fell in love with these studded ballerina flats last year, but it was a bit too late to find them in my size on sale.

I was trolling Saks Fifth Avenue the other week when I saw these on sale, in black, and in a 39. I quickly ordered it along with some deeply discounted NEST candles and didn’t think twice about it. Unlike the ones above, these are from Alexander McQueen’s more cost effective line, McQ. I would also think these are easier to maintain than the ones above.

I was worried whether they would fit, so here is my rundown on McQ sizing: I’m typically a US 8 and 38.5. These were 39 and perfect, perhaps because they are pointy. Typically pointy = size up. I had almost given up finding a pair of pointy ballet flats in a versatile color and unknowingly stumbled upon these when I was really just drawn to the studs at first sight. Most importantly, these are a comfortable width. I had tried really hard to make the Theyskens Theory pointy ballet flats work, but they fit my foot at a really awkward, uncomfortable spot. I must applaud the lines of communication between the warehouse and Saks Fifth Avenue’s customer service. I had a little scare because FedEx claimed they couldn’t find my apartment. Saks was able to email the warehouse and they resent the package. This doesn’t happen with many ecommerce sites!

I really need to get to a cobbler soon and install shoe storage.

to eat / what i ate recently

Some things I ate recently in no particular order. All of the pictures were taken with my shoddy Blackberry camera because I’ve been too busy to open my new camera’s box, but you get the idea.

1) Petrie Court Cafe at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (1000 Fifth Avenue, NYC; Upper West Side)

I had Friday off so we decided to go to the Met, exclusively to check out the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibit, which was extended to August 7. We got there around 10:30am and the line was 45 minutes long. The exhibit is highly recommended, if you can brave the lines and crowds! If you can’t, the book gets you close to it. Be forewarned that the cover is lenticular and can be scary. It was absolutely packed inside and I probably could’ve gotten away with a few Blackberry pictures, but I decided to respect the Museum’s wishes.

After the exhibit, we were famished and decided to grab a bite to eat at one of the cafes. We were one of the youngest tables there. This cafe is, not too surprisingly, very “in” with the folks way past retirement age. The lemon orzo chicken soup was delicious and the bruschetta was very in-season and fresh.

2) Lady M Confections (41 East 78th Street, NYC; Upper West Side)

After the Met, we walked over to Lady M, which I’ve wanted to visit for years but just never got around to it. It’s a Japanese cake boutique, opened by Tokyo’s Paper Moon. Their signature cake is the mille crepes cake. In NYC, you can also find it at Dean & Deluca. Out of towners, you can order from the boutique or from Saks (and probably Gilt City). It is delicious! After ogling the cakes for a few minutes, we settled on the banana mille feuille and the checkers cake. They have a lengthy tea and coffee menu, so we paired it with coffee drinks. I love afternoon breaks of cake and coffee. I’d previously read that pictures were not allowed – maybe just of the cake displays?

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