to shop / clare vivier on sale & anthropologie

Update: See the full Clare Vivier shopping directory post here

I bought my first Clare Vivier bag in June 2009 — the original Tropezienne bag in brown (short handle version). It still remains one of her best known items. Since then, I’ve picked up many items from her including the navy messenger, the Tropezienne in black, another similar shopping tote in distressed patent grey (discontinued and recently unloaded on eBay), and about 4 foldover clutches that I featured here, here, and here. It took tons of self-control not to keep the orange foldover clutch.

My Clare Vivier collection is not complete yet though! I ordered the simple tote in black after seeing it in CV’s interview here. The leopard limited edition simple tote with Wren is pretty fabulous too. As I mentioned before, Pretty Mommy is one of the best sources of CV, next to CV’s own e-store. Her pre-Black Friday discount was 30% off. Of course it isn’t 30% off all the time. Updated on November 16, 2013… there is no longer one best source. 

Anthropologie, Shopbop, and Revolve Clothing have also began carrying a good deal of CV bags. (I really want this blue suede tote from Revolve!)The pluses from these stores is stock. Usually when I order from Pretty Mommy or CV, my items might be backordered. All of these three sites have inventory on hand to ship. If you’re in a rush for vacation/party, etc., keep that in mind.

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to shop / shopping black friday online

{Update on December 17}

I haven’t started shopping, or really eating, yet in Paris. It does help that the Parisians don’t really believe in having sales more than twice an year, or that French brands like Repetto or Petit Bateau is cheaper stateside than here, for the most part.

After resetting my expectations, I turned back online to catch the stateside Black Friday sales. Over the years, I’ve grown a distaste for shopping BF sales in person – crowds, store handled merchandise, etc. The sales are ok this year. If you’ve been waiting to buy, now is the time to unleash yourself because the deals are better than the usual. I will say I’m somewhat disgusted at myself and this is after I watched Confessions of a Shopaholic, to which my comment to my friend was, “We’re not as bad… she buys expensive, ugly things!“. I was victims at:

  • Asos – 20% off everything with code HAPPYBLACKFRIDAY (I am too lazy to update my code page). I got a pretty lace dress that is quite Catherine Middleton. And no, I’m not sick of lace yet. {Ick – this went back right away. Bad quality and I really can’t do the midi length.}
  • Zara – BF pricing on limited items. I got 30% off a blazer that I could get a lot of wear out of. {This also went back. I wasn’t in love.}
  • Anthropologie. Even though I end up returning most of what I buy from here, I can’t help from stocking up on Eberjey undies at a dirt cheap price or more silky apparel. They are taking an additional 50% off the morning of BF and you can bet I prepared my cart in advance. This jacket I’ve wanted for a while has finally been clearanced to $20. Don’t look for it in the sale section because it isn’t there =P {Most of this stuff went back to…}
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to shop / anthropologie curvy chrysanthemum vase

Contrary to popular belief, I rarely shop in stores. I prefer online shopping – items are usually in pristine condition, inventory exists or it doesn’t, minimal human interaction, and delivery.

I happened to walk into Anthropologie when I was visiting a friend in Minneapolis and saw the curvy chrysanthemum vase. I love the color combination. There was a free shipping promotion running online for Anthro card holders (free! receiptless returns! birthday discounts!), so I ordered two when I got home. One for myself and one to gift to a special friend. I doubt she reads this blog, but I’m 2 years behind on Christmas presents. This will be making its way across the pond shortly along with many other goodies!