to travel / barcelona – gaudi memories

I had a pang of wanderlust accompanied by guilt for neglecting my DSLR. I enjoy solo trips where I can meander through the streets with my camera but the timing isn’t now, so I will indulge the wanderlust through memories. I’ve been trying to organize my digital files and came across these photos from my first trip to Spain back in June 2008. Barcelona is one of my favorite cities. I love the vibrance, which can be partially attributed to Gaudi. Only 13 more years for the completion of La Familia Sagrada.

to shop / why zara is better in spain

I’m not a big Zara shopper. It’s an avenue in the wrong direction from my office and that is enough for me not to frequent it. Let’s not mention that it is only a block from my gym. I also rationalize that if I don’t go, I won’t buy (but don’t expect me to apply this rationale across the board). My friend also pointed out that most NYC Zara stores are a disaster to shop – tourist traffic, messy, and store-handled yuckiness – so she usually only shops there when she’s out of town in, e.g. SF.

This may change once Zara adds e-commerce (which is later this year, hopefully). While Zara quality is often disappointing, they do such a good job of nailing trends at a reasonable price. Hard to resist especially with the vibrant spring color palettes. My recent haul:

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to travel / españa

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First row: Casa Milà interior courtyard, Casa Milà rooftop, Madrid Plaza Mayor.
Second row (Barcelona): View from Casa Milà’s rooftop, Casa Milà’s front door, Sagrada Familia front door.
Third row (Granada): Alhambra palace gardens, Alhambra from the Mirador de San Nicolas, Patio de los Leones.

As much as I like pretty snow, I am looking forward to warmer weather and vacation… I’m excited to revisit Barcelona in March. It’s one of those lively cities that I never tire of – vibrant culture, amazing food, great artists, and good shopping (including one of my faves, COS). It is hard to resist when coupled with bargain airfare.

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