to pamper / lip balm review, part 2 tinted (fresh, olio e osso, arrow)

Part 1: Non-tinted Lip Balms
Part 2: Tinted Lip Balms

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to shop / {deal alert} baggu, birchbox, amazon, shopbop

(1) I haven’t looked through all of Shopbop’s sale (and really just shop through my wishlist), so am only highlighting this item. I’ve reviewed this Love Sam lace blouse before. Why am I buying another? Oops, I put it in the dryer and it shrunk. $60 is an amazing sale price for this Etoile Isabel Marant doppelgänger and it’s fully stocked in both black and white and most sizes.

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to shop / {sale alert} birchbox, longchamp, and more

Image source: Nordstrom

to pamper / birchbox launches men’s subscriptions

Birchbox just launched their men’s line. What is unexpected is that the subscription costs $20/month versus $10/month for women, and includes lifestyle goods (such as Baggu and Field Notes). On the plus side, the men’s boxes are much more unisex. There isn’t much we can’t make use of… I, for one, dislike most of the lower-end perfume and nail product samples in my Birchbox. I’m sure they aren’t getting any of those!

(Pictured: Birchbox’s special holiday box)