to shop / more ballet flats

I haven’t spent much time in heels since I moved to NYC 3+ years ago. Comfortable shoes are a must, since walking is a necessity and I’m not a huge fan of the commuting sneaker look. I’m sharing additional research from my recent window shopping, covering Gap, Bloch, Sue London, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Vera Wang Lavender Label.

1) Gap (
Gap has been a hit and miss over the years. I think my last favorite years were 2004/2005 for clothing. I never batted an eye at their shoes until Spring 2010 when they came out with Repetto lookalikes. I bought them on sale, so they are cheap commuting/office shoes. I ran an office door over my foot the other day and scratched a pair. I’m glad I wasn’t wearing something better. It’s hard to get upset over cheap shoes!

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