to drink / blueprint cleanse review

As I blogged about in February, I did the three day BluePrint cleanse in March through NYC’s online supermarket, FreshDirect. Previously, this popular cleanse was only available through BluePrint, but they’ve since rolled out BluePrintJuice at select locations. Juice cleanses are controversial. I think weight loss shouldn’t be the motivation behind it. I’d been eating poorly, not working out, and working too many hours in a cubicle, so I thought of it as a nice kickstart to a healthier lifestyle.

Did I like BluePrintJuice? If I did another one, I would buy juices from Liquiteria, which is a popular local juice shop. They have fresh juices and bottled juices. The green juice is the basis of all levels of the cleanse and the BPC version was definitely hard to down.

During the three days, I felt less distracted by the heaviness of carbs. I’m not a heavy coffee drinker, but I missed that little kick in the morning. It was also nice not to have to think about what to eat every day. I even went to dinner with a friend the first night at a local Italian eatery — she ate pasta and I drank juice!

Your daily juice plan for the level 1 renovation cleanse is 6 juices in the order of the green, gold, green, yellow, red, and white. I brought a wrong juice to work the first day and asked BPC through their Facebook if it was ok if I slightly tweaked the order. They said it was fine. I drank all 6 the first day but gave up finishing all 6 on day 2 and 3 and went to bed early.

From a cost perspective, FreshDirect was very convenient and cheaper. Although, if you live or work near a Whole Foods or a market that carries the juice, that could be equally convenient. FreshDirect has discounts that vary from 20% to 30% off. I believe the daily cost through BluePrint is $65. FreshDirect costs $45.50/day for three days. If you do more than three days, it is about $42 based on the level 1 renovation cleanse. As you get higher on the levels, the more green replaces the other colors. Another word of caution, FreshDirect omitted one red juice and gave me an extra green. I ended up drinking the extra green on the fourth day, for fun. Maybe it was just an honest mistake, but they’re pretty bad at owning up to their mistakes and responding to emails.

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weekends / antioxidants and blueprintjuice

My fridge has evolved over the years… friends have visited and have balked at the dearth of real food. Nowadays, it depends. Time is a luxury lately, so I’ve given into the convenience of FreshDirect.

Inspired by the salad I had at Cookshop, I put together my own salad of beets, blood orange, and strawberries. It must be antioxidant-heavy judging by the colors. I’ve been eating a ton of strawberries lately.

FD began selling BluePrintJuice of BluePrintCleanse fame. It has a longer shelf life than buying directly from BPC. FD is running a promotion, which makes a day’s worth of juice $45.50 if you order three days’ worth (i.e. the renovation cleanse). If you buy more, like four days, it is $2.50 cheaper a day. Ordering directly from BPC is $65/day. Buying from Whole Foods is about $49. BluePrintJuice doesn’t come with easy to follow numbers on the bottles, but the order is basically green, gold, green, yellow, red, white. I’ve been eating super poorly lately due to working too much, so let’s see how this goes!