to window shop / liberty of london collaborations

A new series for items I like to look at but wouldn’t necessarily buy because it’s impractical, or too hard to procure.  I am an avid window shopper.

I’ve mentioned my love for Liberty of London prints twice before (here and here). LoL has a ton of collaborations with other brands and their fabric is often used by brands I like. I can’t help but ogle, knowing that I won’t buy. Aren’t these pretty? The latest collab that’s caught my eyes is with Hello Kitty — too bad I can’t find most of it online!

.: Shoes :.

The following pair is from Anthropologie’s wedding store, BLHDN. As much I love my Butter shoes, I have to say that they have way too many ugly styles — most don’t do the Liberty patterns justice. Check it out at Endless at your own risk. Ick! If you’ve been looking for the Bensimon x Liberty flats, you can find a few at Yoox’s sample sale.

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to shop / new workhorse shoes

I’ve been spending more than I want on shoes lately. I live in flats and some have been dying slowly after 3+ years of abuse on New York City streets, so I’ve been searching high and low for suitable replacements. I learned my lesson with flip flops and regret not listening to my mother, not to mention the germs. Life is too short to spend in uncomfortable shoes. I’ve been living in:

  • Gap ballet flats (Spring 2010) that are knock-offs of Repetto, except with a sturdier rubber bottom. I was in Boston for work, wandered to a Gap, and discovered that I totally missed out of this gem because I’d been out of the country. To further complicate things, it was on sale. I went into a frenzy mode and promptly located 4 pairs and had them shipped (for free). I got a pair in black, poppy red (pictured below), and metallic blue. I sold the metallic blue (just not my color scheme) and a pair of the blacks that was masquerading as a half size smaller (a nasty, old Gap habit). They have yet to have another ballet flat as great as this one – their current foldable city flat has no arch support and I limit it to airplane use. Sadly, my poppy red ballet flats from Zara are not as comfy as these and I’m still debating whether I want to break the Gap cap toe flats in.
  • Butter nude patent bow flats. So comfy. I got them zipsoled at the cobbler when they were brand new. They should last a while.
  • Two pairs of Marc by Marc Jacob ballet flats. I pulled a Jackie O at a post-Christmas sale at a now-defunct e-tailer and bought the same pair in two colors – black and a peachy ballet pink. I love MBMJ ballet flats (minus the mouse styles that I will never comprehend). They run half a size small. Sadly, their more recent styles have been too hardware-friendly and these two pairs are dying. I don’t think I’ll ever find a ballet flat in this shade of pink again!

  • Repettos – I have one pair that got caught in a torrential downpour that needs some TLC and a few new pairs to mull over (it takes me months to decide whether to keep and sole or to eBay).

Good shoes are not easy to find. I’m not afraid to buy/return or buy/eBay.

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