to shop / clare vivier venice pouch on sale

Anthropologie has my favorite Clare Vivier on sale! Meet the Venice Pouch in a clean shade of white. I have one in bright pink. It gets thrown around in my purse and has held up very well. Besides, how easy is it to find a pink pouch in an sea of black?

Anthropologie is also carrying the new petit messenger sac (which is the baby version of the messenger), the blue suede simple tote (I have one in black leather), and the oversized pochette with neon stripe.

to shop / clare vivier leopard clutch on sale

Shopbop started carrying my favorite Clare Vivier not too long ago. I’ve been shopping at Shopbop since 2005. They have since been acquired by Amazon, but now have free shipping/returns. They usually lead the pack on markdowns (in comparison with Saks, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, etc.) They currently have Clare Vivier’s leopard clutches on sale! I love the darker one with the stripe of neon. It is a classy interpretation of the animal print trend and works perfectly with my usual palette of blacks and grays.

I also love this oversized clutch and white clutch. I already have a few of these… (see here, here, and here).

to shop / of a kind clare vivier floral grande pochette

For the Clare Vivier fans, Of a Kind quietly rolled out a limited edition grande pochette this morning. Only 90 are made and the price is reasonable at $115. As of press time, there are over 50 left.

While I can see it with a navy dress and gold accessories, I am super picky about floral prints, so I’m sitting this one out. I do like the pochette style, especially in a grande size.

to shop / madewell telegram clutch

I’ve never been a fan of J.Crew’s Madewell (or Club Monaco) because it was sold in-store or on Shopbop only. Their online launch was plagued with delays, and frankly, there are plenty of other places to spend my hard-earned dollars. But, the latest Alexa Chung collection and the new store on lower Fifth Avenue (nestled amongst many of my other favorite retail chains) piqued my curiosity enough to shop on their website.

I ordered a bunch of items during the recent 25% off promotion. Specifically, there were two versions of the telegram clutch: the calf hair telegram clutch and the embossed telegram clutch. Unlike J.Crew, there are barely any reviews to be found of Madewell items online, so it was a blind purchase like many of my other online purchases. It also does not help that Madewell images leave much to be desired. In case you are thinking of purchasing, here are some visuals and my two cents.

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to shop / clutches (miu miu + clare vivier)

Update: See the full Clare Vivier shopping directory post here

Miu Miu just launched their e-shop. What is shocking… is their prices. Can someone explain why their well-selling large, black matelasse leather clutch is $470 in their e-store (2011/05/03 edit: looks like they dropped the price to $395. Much better!), but $380 at Net-a-Porter (sold out most of the time)? Same size, same color. I walked into the Soho boutique last Fall and it was the latter price. Not surprisingly, it flew off the shelves.

In other clutch news, I went to LA for some business meetings. Around the same time, I read on Clare Vivier‘s blog that they were moving into a studio and open for appointments. So, I made an appointment. Her studio is located in the hip Silver Lake neighborhood. I wish I had more time to check out the area. Next time. Her assistant patiently showed me what was available and explained the different types of leathers to me. I prefer to see the clutches in person than order online due to the different types of leathers/thickness/textures. Clare arrived later on and we chatted briefly. So nice!

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