to decorate / amazing deal on domino mag subscription

I am conflicted whether to get a Domino magazine subscription since I currently read the electronic version on Texture (formally known as Next Issue – I’m not in love with the rebranding). I’m a throw-as-you-go magazine reader. I painstakingly built back my Domino magazine collection through eBay and Craigslist (which included visiting someone’s Boerum Hill townhouse), but have stopped in the recent year because of Texture and because I never read my print issues.  Continue reading “to decorate / amazing deal on domino mag subscription”

to read / domino is back… kind of

I was on the road over the last week or so and remembered that the new Domino Quick Fixes was out. As a big fan of the former Domino, I couldn’t resist checking the newsstands at the airports. SFO let me down, but I knew EWR wouldn’t! I haven’t had time read it cover to cover yet, but here is a peek:

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