to shop / ecco derna handbag review

Here’s a quick review of the Ecco Derna handbag that I mentioned here. It’s no longer on sale and sold out on Zappos, but you can still find it at Ecco. It’s a very structured, ladylike bag. I can’t carry it as often as I’d like since I usually have way more to haul to work. It fits a ton (yes, that’s a can of sunscreen) and the compartments and pockets keep everything organized. To open it, you press the left side of the clasp inwards (the other side is a dummy). It’s very easy to get in and out of.

I love the style and quality and highly recommend it! Now, I just have to avoid wearing pearls and a cardigan with it so I don’t age myself!

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to shop / {sale alert} ecco derna handbag

Image source: Ecco

I’ve randomly walked into Ecco stores while on vacation and been pleasantly surprised at their leather handbags (supple leather! minimalist! colorblock!), but never did any further research. I started stalking this bag after one of my favorite blogs, Girls of a Certain Age, blogged about it. It has the minimalist, classic lines and quality at a rather bargain price and it can also fit my umbrella. If you don’t love black like I do, it also comes in burgundy.

Zappos (on sale)