to eat & drink / a chinese family christmas dinner

Rewinding back to Christmas… my mother is one of six daughters. All six daughters are great cooks! Four of them were in the Northeast area, but now there are only three. We typically celebrate holidays together in PA. One aunt was absent. My PA aunt cooked up a simple feast and my mom contributed. We bucked the trend and did not do hot pot this year. You can imagine how boisterous the atmosphere is any time the six get together, which is rare.

My contribution to dinner was two cakes from Financier Patisserie and this year, both made it! Last year, one got stolen on the train to NJ. FP has great customer service and online ordering. Their locations also have decent hours for Christmas Eve. I got the Adrienne and a yule log.

We also broke out a pommelo for pre-dessert digestion. What isn’t pictured is bottles of ice wine that I’d brought back from Toronto years ago. They tasted like plum wine…

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