to shop / why i love the soho uniqlo

After visiting a Seoul and the Taipei Uniqlo, I’ve realized just how great the Soho Uniqlo is. My friend mentioned that the business model for Asia is probably different than the US flagship store, where they opt to open more small stores to maximize market penetration. True, when I consider the stores I’ve been to in HK, but not the one in Japan – my neighborhood Uniqlo was the one in Ginza. I’m going to highlight my experiences in Seoul and Taipei, and give my two cents on the Designer Invitations Project collabs and the Spring +j line.

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to shop / tommy hilfiger?

Don’t ask me how I got on Tommy Hilfiger’s mailing list. I got an email last week, announcing their 40% off Friends and Family sale. I decided to check it out since magazines occasionally featured something attractive from Tommy. Convincing: 40%, free shipping over $150, eBates cashback, and free returns.

Image source: (blame them for the awful resolution)

I ended up loving this striped top. I love stripes, but it’s not easy finding well-executed striped tops. This piece has flattering seams and can be dressed up or down. It fits TTS to a little big with a slim cut on the sleeves (which is very flattering). I usually prefer silk over polyester, but this piece is much more durable and easier to maintain in polyester. The roommate promptly ordered one, with plans to alter the tight elbows.

to shop / why zara is better in spain

I’m not a big Zara shopper. It’s an avenue in the wrong direction from my office and that is enough for me not to frequent it. Let’s not mention that it is only a block from my gym. I also rationalize that if I don’t go, I won’t buy (but don’t expect me to apply this rationale across the board). My friend also pointed out that most NYC Zara stores are a disaster to shop – tourist traffic, messy, and store-handled yuckiness – so she usually only shops there when she’s out of town in, e.g. SF.

This may change once Zara adds e-commerce (which is later this year, hopefully). While Zara quality is often disappointing, they do such a good job of nailing trends at a reasonable price. Hard to resist especially with the vibrant spring color palettes. My recent haul:

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to shop / target GO international designer collective dresses

Update: Who knew Chrissy Teigen would one day be famous? She was the model for this collab!

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of their GO International program, Target re-released a collection of dresses from 17 past GO International designers on Sunday, March 13. The GO International collections are collaborations with some of the industry’s hottest designers and are at affordable price points. I like the collections more often than not. I’m not sure how they determined which dresses to include because the pieces chosen were not necessarily the bestsellers of each collection (ahem, Tucker), but they have included many great items. It also looks like some designers chose not to participate (Patrick Robinson).

Link to the main GO International Designer Collective page

Here are my favorites (coincidentally, in my favorite color palette of black):

Image source:

From left to right:

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to shop / uniqlo +j 2010 fall & winter collection

I was somewhat obsessed with this season’s +J collection in that I almost paid weekly visits to Uniqlo to see if they restocked. This is what happens when there is only one store in the U.S. and no online store! I even saw Lynn Yaeger during one of my visits (thanks to SY for helping me ID her).

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