to eat / four and twenty blackbirds holiday pies

I adore pie, more than cake, cupcakes, macarons, and yes, even madeleines. Four and Twenty Blackbirds now has online ordering for the holidays. I can’t believe it’s been 6 months since I last had their pie! I wish they were closer! All of them look salivating. I love their salted caramel apple pie, and the malted chocolate pecan sounds amazing.


to eat / whirlybird, four and twenty blackbirds, peels, & laut

Catching up what I ate in April and May. The Flickr upload speed is ridiculously slow so I’ve had to reduce the size of my pictures. Not that I post the full size here anyways! Starting with Brooklyn…

1) Whirlybird (254 S 2nd St, Brooklyn; S Williamsburg)

The #1 with chorizo was delicious! I tried the Waldorf at a later date and take it from me — stick to the #1. The Waldorf was too wet with salsa and the fried egg over easy did not help!

Cash only.

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to eat / four & twenty blackbirds, torrisi, and cake man raven

My parents recently found out (through their college friends) that my brother has a blog. In the most noncompetitive spirit, I shared that I had one too, and that it was mostly about shopping. My mom didn’t hide her disappointment. A few weeks later, I sent her a link to a NYC food blog written in Chinese (to give her more incentive to visit me). Her response was that I should write about “interesting sights, not always shooooopping!”. I’m interpreting sights as food, so here is a food update. I haven’t been eating out/food adventuring much lately because I started cooking again, weekends are too short with other obligations, and it is cold outside!

Last weekend, C and I trekked out to Brooklyn for Four and Twenty Blackbirds pie (and to discuss our upcoming Barcelona trip). I’d been craving good pie for ages; the pumpkin stuff that Trader Joe’s calls pie was a huge disappointment, even with Cool Whip. Our trip there took much longer than expected. I’m used to getting on the subway and it taking me reasonably close to my intended destination. I didn’t do research on getting there like I usually do and relied on Google Maps transit. Big mistake. We were talking and didn’t know that the F line turned into the blue line. We ended up at a station with heavy police presence. After backtracking a bit, we took the G train for the first time and walked from the Fort Greene area (= CAKE MAN RAVEN).

Distance truly makes the heart grow fonder. Cake Man Raven‘s red velvet cake is to die for and a MUST for any red velvet fan. I grabbed two slices to go (pre-packaged) because we didn’t want to spoil our appetite for pie. One slice is currently sitting in my freezer. I’m so glad I don’t live closer.

Photos from October 2009.

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