to eat / what i ate recently around nyc

(1) Bagel from Tompkins Square Bagels (Can’t get a good bagel in NJ!)
(2) Roasted broccoli is a fave (olive oil, kosher salt, pepper, 425F for 25 min)
(3) Bar Primi fiore di carfiosi pasta (pretty but so-so). They take reservations now, but I probably won’t go back!
(4) Fresh California uni at Chelsea Market‘s the Lobster Place.
(5) Chelsea Market Mokbar bulgogi ramen. Share and get a side of extra noodles. The ho cake and tteokboki was less exciting.
(6) Cauliflower steak. Same process as (2). Cut it less than 1 inch thick.
(7) Roasted chicken using Trader Joe’s brined chicken and used some of this recipe. I need a meat thermometer. Love my Falcon enamelware. So easy to clean!
(8) Hu Kitchen “Benny” eggs benedict with chicken sausage, kale, and jordy cakes.
(9) Shake Shack’s new Shackmeister burger with crispy beer marinated shallots. I still prefer the Shack burger… 

(1) The only Beard Papa’s Cream puff left in NYC also sells Mud coffee. The Paris brest cream puff wasn’t as fresh and cream filled as my memory.
(2), (3) Red Farm is Asian fusion and was a surprisingly good brunch – their shrimp & snow pea leaf dumplings and curry crab dumplings were delicious. The skin was thin.
(4) Harbs is a new Japanese cake boutique. Beautiful cafe, much pricier than Lady M (think $10+ on average for a slice). Their cakes are less sleek and more ambitious than Lady M and tends to tumble over. This slice had tons of berries, chocolate chiffon cake, and some rum.
(5) Simit and Smith — Turkish “bagel” is called a simit. Slim and chewy.
(6) This is a relative of the pomelo — it’s so much more fun to eat when it’s all peeled and segmented.
(7) The Harbs’ spin on the millecrepe has tons of fruit. I didn’t care for the banana.
(8) Seasonal red velvet cake from Lady M did not impress.
(9) Shiny Tea in Flushing Panda milk tea = mini white pearls + normal pearls. The mini white pearls fascinate me. They have the same texture!

to eat / taiwan mango & lychee

I am finishing up a week in Taiwan and am heading to Beijing where I shall experience the great firewall of China.

Taiwan was pretty busy as usual due to family. I kept the trip simple and just went with the flow. Eating simply can be hard during family meals so I kept my own meals short and sometimes sweet.

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to eat / what i ate last week

1) Clinton Street Bakery (4 Clinton Street, NYC; Lower East Side)
I’m not a big fan of pancakes, but CSB’s light and spongey blueberry pancakes are hard to resist from time to time. February is CSB’s pancake month where they feature special flavors. If you hate the wait for brunch, they also serve pancakes on their dinner menu. I love breakfast food, so I wouldn’t object to eating it for all meals. I heated up leftover Japanese pumpkin pancake the other day (smearing some maple butter across before reheating) and topped it with chunks of pomelo. My work cafeteria was selling pomelos — I had to pick up a few! In addition to loving breakfast food, I also love combining fruits with food.

2) La Maison du Macaron (132 W. 32nd St, NYC; Chelsea)
My birthday was months ago and things have been so busy, I haven’t had time to meet up with C. C greeted me with a sweet box of macarons at our dim-sum lunch. Not bad and gold dust makes everything prettier.

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