to shop / {gap favorites} return of “good” gap ballet flats

Aside from MBMJ flats, I think I love Gap ballet flats the most for their value and durability. Sorry, Repetto, you cost more and are delicate like fine china (vs. Corningware). I’m not talking about the flimsy, foldable Gap city flats that offer no arch support. I’m talking about proper ballet flats with a full bottom sole. I’ve mentioned my love for Gap’s Spring 2010 ballet flats numerous times, but most in detail here (and I know my pics aren’t working). I’ve been looking for similar ones ever since. I’ve also been stalking them on eBay only to pass on a tip to my best friend because it was her size. The truth is the two pairs I got in 2010 are no where near dying, but, you know…

Fast forward to my visit to the Gap flagship store in Shanghai. Gap had shoes that piqued my interest that I never saw in the US market. Then, I went on their website and found something that looked similar to “my” ballet flats. Sadly, Gap China does not have a centralized inventory system and I’m not about to call or visit every Gap store in Shanghai. I ended up ordering them online and they are supposed to arrive tomorrow.

Then, today, I went to the US Gap site to check my order history because I got an email from eBates saying cashback was messed up for a few days in May/early June. I randomly perused the site and noticed that the ballet flats are back! In 8 colors! And there is a 25% off code GAP25HOURS! They come down to $30 after discount. I have no idea what the sizing is like, so if you find out, please let me know. The sole looks a little different. I hope the leather is still substantial.

My faves are the black and tomato (red).

Gap Ballet Flats (#252594)

to shop / {gap favorites} march 2012

Of the Gap Inc. family, Gap is by far my favorite in terms of quality, pricing, and versatility. I like items that can be dressed up for work and down for play. Here are some of my favorites.

The Wrap Dress

ruffle wrap dress / pink (or navy) solid wrap dress / dotted wrap dress / black solid wrap dress

I particularly like the black one. The pink did nothing for my complexion and as I’ve learned in my recent purging, I tend to only like prints for a season or two. The style runs TTS to big. If you’re petite (which I am considered to be at 5’3″) but still want a decent length near the knees, go with the regular length and size down. Downside with the black dress is that returns are mail only. I found that the most flattering fit involved taking the belt out of the loop. The fabric is a nice polyester/rayon/spandex blend that doesn’t show all lumps and bumps. I will be testing Woolite Extra Dark on this. Continue reading “to shop / {gap favorites} march 2012”