to shop / gentle monster sunglasses product review

Big shades (= more eye protection)? Check.
Asian nose friendly? Check.
Asian cheeks friendly? Check.

Gentle Monster is a Korean import and a favorite of the actresses over there. They have a store in Soho, but I love Nordstrom way more. I ordered a bunch of shades from Nordstrom and tried the Tell Me, Kong Hyo Jin Type 1, 56mm Round, Deborah, and Illusion before settling with the Didi A, which is a diminutive 52mm compared to the other styles (I highly recommend checking the description for measurements). If you prefer to shop online, Nordstrom’s inventory does update here and there, not to mention their amazing customer service! You can also find Gentle Monster at Shopbop and Saks. Scroll down for Note 1 below.

If you are looking for huge shades, something funky, or have similar Asian nose and cheek problems, I highly recommend giving Gentle Monster a go!

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