weekends / chicago in september

Warning: massive food post. Don’t read while hungry.

It’s only appropriate that I remind my Illinois friends how nice the weather in September was now that Chicago is snowy and cold. Or I am just catching up on past events. Or both.

Chicago has a special place in my heart. Even though I’ve never lived there, plenty of university friends do and I’ve visited many times over the years. Each trip to the windy city is always super productive. We have all matured over the years and have developed more complex palates for good food and good wine.

Another warning: I was lazy and many of these photos were taken with my Blackberry.

First stop was dinner at Telegraph in Logan Square. I love places that have a market to table approach. We started with the corn tartine. Then, I had seared frog legs with dill creme fraiche/smoked cinnamon/pimiento and a huge endive salad with greens, cheese, beans, and peaches. We shared a corn panna cotta with spicy bacon streusel and raspberries. They also have a fantastic wine selection, but since I had to drive, I only had a glass. Thanks, E!

I stayed at a friend’s. Their cats are so well trained they stay within the study. Say hi! (And thanks for letting me stay over!)

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