to shop / shopping directory: where to buy apc handbags

Last updated Feb 28 2021

Here’s a full directory of where you can find A.P.C. bags on the internet.

  • (*) denotes non-US stores.
  • (**) denotes sale items (as of press time)
  • (***) denotes future sale potential (either markdown or store-wide discount)

A.P.C. is French. It is cheaper in France (as of the current exchange rate) especially if you can obtain a VAT tax refund, however:

  1. Do not underestimate the ease of finding what you want in the store. I’ve stopped by the Rue Royale boutique and Le Bon Marche shop in Paris and they barely had any bags out. But I also didn’t ask if they had anything in the back (I was just browsing).
  2. The French price post-VAT refund is similar to Black Friday sales in the U.S.

I currently have two half-moon (demi lune) bags. They are both textured, embossed like saffiano leather, as reviewed here. I love them and have no plans to expand the APC family as of this time. The colors/texture for this style may be seasonal, so if you love something, don’t wait!
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to shop / {sale alert} alice.d leather totes on shopbop

I dig a good leather bag. Shopbop kindly reminded me that I added some Alice•D bags into my wishlist ages ago and that they’ve been marked down (along with a bunch of other things)! They sure are gorgeous, not to mention a super affordable alternative to the Celine Cabas and ethically made (WSJ). Resisting.

Image source: Shopbop

to shop / {sale alert} ecco derna handbag

Image source: Ecco

I’ve randomly walked into Ecco stores while on vacation and been pleasantly surprised at their leather handbags (supple leather! minimalist! colorblock!), but never did any further research. I started stalking this bag after one of my favorite blogs, Girls of a Certain Age, blogged about it. It has the minimalist, classic lines and quality at a rather bargain price and it can also fit my umbrella. If you don’t love black like I do, it also comes in burgundy.

Zappos (on sale)