to shop / {sale alert} cos over 50% off

Image source: COS

Some of these items come in other colors, but of course I picked my favorite colors to display here.

Split Back Dress ($63) / Pleated Shirt Dress (back shown) ($38) / Dress with Caped Back* (back shown) ($27) / Tie Back Dress** ($27)
A-line Dress ($30) / Oversized Jersey Top ($15) / Striped Cotton Top ($30) / Silk Front Jersey Top ($50) / Layered Dress ($30)

COS has marked down its sale items! COS is one of my favorite stores, yet I’ve never blogged about it. I discovered it in Munich back in ’08 when I was on vacation and dragged my friend there for an hour every night (after sightseeing) until closing time. Why an hour? Because I like completeness and I needed repeat trips to fawn over everything. I consider the style to be clean, relaxed, and casual elegance. While their US online store has been open since May, I find their sizing inconsistent and prefer the in-store experience, and have never ordered online prior to this sale. Items in the store are organized by color and nicely styled whereas the online store takes a Zara approach. Everything looks so boxy and miss some defining details! I wouldn’t have considered some of the dresses below had I not seen it in person and specifically looked for it online. I make it a point to visit a COS whenever I’m out of town — Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris, London, Barcelona, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore — and am happy to see some of the styles I was fawning over in April and July in Asia have been drastically reduced. The US store is scheduled to open in December in NYC.

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