to shop / hay mini market at moma

It’s about time HAY brought their mini market stateside. I rarely go to Soho and since the HAY mini market was launching on Monday at the MOMA store, I dropped by to press my luck on the preceding Friday when I was in the area. I was elated to find that the market was already set up. Some of it is also online, but I recommend stopping by the store if you can. As a recovering stationary addict, I only picked up the medium and large wooden hand (which I looked for at the Le Bon Marche mini market in Paris a few weeks ago to no avail).

Curbed has a nice interview with the HAY co-founder here. The market is slated to go through January 2016.

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to shop / reviews!

(1) There was a frenzy a while back and this Love Sam lace blouse sold out. But, then Shopbop restocked and Anthropologie got it too. It’s a copy of Etoile Isabel Marant’s Garbo blouse from last summer. I don’t have the appetite for Etoile Isabel Marant prices, so this will suffice. It is on the shorter side and runs big. It’s super breezy for hot summer days. It comes in black as well on Shopbop, but it’s too dark for the summer!

(2) I’m not keeping this mesh dottie top by Sweet Pea from Anthropologie, but some people might like the style. It’s a bit too vintage for me.

(3) My favorite proper striped boatneck mariniere is from Uniqlo (second would be Petit Bateau!). Warning, it runs big and is a heavier cotton so it’s not for hot weather. I have two from a few years ago and they both have held up very well. Sidenote: If you get your hands on the Airism slip, it’s fabulous for hot weather. It’s hard to find though – sold out super fast in the US and I didn’t even see it in HK/Singapore.
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to shop / {sale alert} bkr glass water bottles 50% off

My office is super hot on sunny days due to the southern exposure and uncontrollable heater. I’ve been looking for ways to stay hydrated and was perusing glass water bottle options when this Lucky Magazine Deal of the Day popped into my inbox.

Now through 11am ET on Thursday, November 14 (which is in a few daylight hours), get 50% off these colorful water bottles and accessories. Head over to bkr shop and enter code luckydaily3 for 50% off. Shipping is not free but doesn’t hurt too much.

Each bottle is 16 oz / 500 ml and comes with a dishwasher friendly (and 100% recyclable) nontoxic silicone sleeve. It’s also BPA-free and phthalate-free. Amazon has a ton of reviews if you need further convincing. Despite the winter weather, I’m eyeing the pastel colors.

P.S. Ever since Eva Chen took over Lucky, I’ve seen a significant improvement in the content and usability of the Lucky Magazine site. I actually look forward to their e-mails now and rarely encounter a broken link!

to pamper / durance, renee rouleau, fresh, & thayers

I took these pics back in December and forgot to blog about them.

I started developing cysts frequently last year. Renee Rouleau has quite a reputation and though her products are pricier, I took the plunge and never looked back. Her Anti-Cyst Treatment is a must for getting rid of those pesky spots. I have a stockpile of these because I need a constant supply when a cyst pops up.

I was better about eye products in my younger years and have slacked off. But, according to research, now is the time to get serious and stop slacking off! I had a Sephora credit and heard good things about the Fresh Creme Ancienne Eye Cream and picked it up during the annual F&F sale. This pot will last a while.

To lighten spots and for a full dose of antioxidants to fight free radicals, I’m half way through RR’s Vitamin C & E Complex. I use it as a serum in the morning before SPF.

I read a few skincare blogs and Renee’s is one of my favorites. She’s primarily explaining skincare and key anti-aging skincare ingredients, and then pushes products. Her products are only sold through her online shop or spa — and typically only has one sale event an year.

My Parisian friend’s apartment smells amazing and I had to ask her what her secret was. This began my descent into rose scented products. Durance is a Provence brand with natural home and skincare products. Their rose diffuser oil is divine. I wish I could enrobe myself in it 24/7. I have a few glass bottles with diffuser sticks lying around the apartment and love coming home to this smell. The only thing I haven’t figured out is how to make the oil last as long as my friend. Better diffuser bottle? Less sticks? I’ve tried samples of their other products but can’t figure out why they don’t make them in the rose scent if it’s so popular (that I just got a backorder from October fulfilled). If you’re in Paris, they have shops all over — one male friend was nice enough to bring me back a few bottles when I was about to run out :)

I don’t use toner really, but was doing research over the summer and came across Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner. The bottle is huge and will last a while. I don’t apply it every day, but when I do, I use Renee Rouleau’s Toning Cloths after I wash my face.

to shop / anthropologie curvy chrysanthemum vase

Contrary to popular belief, I rarely shop in stores. I prefer online shopping – items are usually in pristine condition, inventory exists or it doesn’t, minimal human interaction, and delivery.

I happened to walk into Anthropologie when I was visiting a friend in Minneapolis and saw the curvy chrysanthemum vase. I love the color combination. There was a free shipping promotion running online for Anthro card holders (free! receiptless returns! birthday discounts!), so I ordered two when I got home. One for myself and one to gift to a special friend. I doubt she reads this blog, but I’m 2 years behind on Christmas presents. This will be making its way across the pond shortly along with many other goodies!