weekends / counting down

It was a loooong weekend. I’ve been easing into the iPhone and dealing with the massive battery drain. I also almost forgot the phone in Barnes and Nobles! Here are some randoms and there is more than just food, but I usually don’t post those on my blog:

I wanted to take my “new” Panasonic LX2 and the 20mm lens out, but it didn’t fit in my Chanel, so I busted out my vintage Coach. I’m in love with the vintage Italian made line and its durable, textured leather. The Coach resale market on eBay is quite massive. It takes some hunting to find the gems!

I caught up with a girlfriend at Vandaag for brunch. We lingered there for a long time, but I still had beef with the service. It took us forever to get the regular menu (do we look like mothers?) and even more time for water. The food was good (minus the fly that wouldn’t go away), the space was well lit, and the gin scented butter below was interesting.

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