to shop / the perfect laptop bag

I carry my laptop to and from work almost every single work day. I find it easier to commute with a separate purse and laptop bag rather than one really heavy bag, especially when I had back issues. A sensible, chic laptop bag was necessary and a worthwhile investment since it requires almost daily usage. I disliked the free ones that the Firm handed out since they were designed for men.

I ended up becoming a Tumi gal. Yes, there are tons of cute laptop bags on the market, but they were not slim or black enough, or not a true laptop bag. I wanted something that could be carried by hand and shoulder. The material was also very important as I cannot stand when bags ruin clothes with friction and I wanted something that was low maintenance.

My first bag was from the Vista Collection. It retailed for $150. I set up an eBay search and found one – brand new – on eBay for $37.99. It was black, super sleek with a fine weaved ballistic nylon and leather accents, and had a stylish red padded interior. It fit my laptop perfectly and that’s all I needed it to do — I don’t travel with my charger. When my laptop was upgraded, it got a little tighter to the point that I sometimes had to shake it upside down to get it out! Eventually the leather loop on the bag to which the strap was attached gave up. What a good bag to last me 4 years! (Picture this in black…)

I looked on eBay for a replacement, but there seemed to be a few versions of bag #1. The ones I found were not the same and too small. I ended back at Tumi for bag number 2. I couldn’t find anything as slim, simple, and lightweight in black. The second bag was from the Voyageur collection, style Luxembourg. It wasn’t as slim but I didn’t find that to be a problem. because I could fit papers inside and the occasional gym shoes (if I didn’t zip it up). It was made of smooth nylon and also had leather accents. I really don’t mind that the leather is a bit worn since it’s black and unnoticeable. The bag has been in use for 2 years and still going strong…

Tumi likes to discontinue styles, but they have some decent styles in the current Voyageur collection. My favorite is the Macon. It comes in tablet size (and in patent leather!), laptop size (and in an Anna Sui print!). For the more adventurous, there are also a ton of color options. The price has gone up, so wait for a Zappos sale or Tumi sale if you must!

Image source: Tumi, eBags