weekends / saturday six (2016.03.12) (a day late!)

I was out of town last weekend and last week was exhausting. My saturday six series is more difficult to maintain than I expected… Better late than never, right?

Six things from the last two weeks

(1) Tata Harper master class at Cap Beauty. The event was PACKED. Once the crowds subsided, I got to ask Tata a bunch of questions and try many products. I will be blogging details in a separate post.

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weekends / saturday six (2016.02.19)

Six things I liked this week

(1) The new Hulu original show, 11.22.63. James Franco plays the protaganist and travels back in time to before the JFK assassination. Episodes drop once a week and it’s week 1. We’re learning patience.

Image: Hulu

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to shop / the beauty advent calendar

These companies have taken the concept of the advent calendar and made it so droolworthy. But, after looking at them and the prices, I’ve concluded that I could easily make a few from my skincare/cosmetics stockpile…

If you’re thinking of doing it, Target and H&M have empty options! Starbucks has a chocolate themed one. As cute as it looks, I don’t like chocolate.

Image source: Liberty of London

Image source: Selfridges

to window shop / liberty of london collaborations

A new series for items I like to look at but wouldn’t necessarily buy because it’s impractical, or too hard to procure.  I am an avid window shopper.

I’ve mentioned my love for Liberty of London prints twice before (here and here). LoL has a ton of collaborations with other brands and their fabric is often used by brands I like. I can’t help but ogle, knowing that I won’t buy. Aren’t these pretty? The latest collab that’s caught my eyes is with Hello Kitty — too bad I can’t find most of it online!

.: Shoes :.

The following pair is from Anthropologie’s wedding store, BLHDN. As much I love my Butter shoes, I have to say that they have way too many ugly styles — most don’t do the Liberty patterns justice. Check it out at Endless at your own risk. Ick! If you’ve been looking for the Bensimon x Liberty flats, you can find a few at Yoox’s sample sale.

Image source.

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