to eat & pamper / ode to momofuku milk bar birthday cake

Momofuku Milk Bar is dear to my heart. They recently added birthday cake soft serve to the menu, replacing the crack pie soft serve which was tasty considering I don’t like crack pie. It’s amazing how Tosi got the flavoring of a boxed birthday cake mix so right. I love the birthday cake soft serve with the crunch topping (the complimentary sprinkles were too hard), which they also hide at the bottom of the cup.

And then Milk Bar collaborated with Glossier* on a birthday cake scented lip balm. I had to get it! The balm is sparkly and the smell is fantastic. It does not taste like birthday cake.



*Referral link: 20% off first purchase.

to pamper / lip balm review, part 1 non-tinted (french pharmacy, l’occitane, yu-be, elizabeth arden)

It’s time for a massive lip balm review. I have lip balm lying around at various places at home and work. It was surprisingly easy to corral all of them. Lip balm is an essential – especially during the dry, winter weather and when traveling – and it’s painful to be without it. And now I tend to stock up since the mister frequently loses or forgets his. This review is split into two parts: part 1 (non-tinted) and part 2 (tinted).

Part 1: Non-Tinted Lip Balms

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to pamper / {sale alert} j.crew beauty

Image source: J.Crew

J.Crew has a well curated selection of items from other brands which is found under the “J.Crew in Good Company” category. At least when it comes to beauty and personal care, I consider many of these classics that you’d never find on sale. Since J.Crew regular price promotions never apply to third party brands, I always wait for J.Crew to markdown first… promotions on sale items almost always includes the other brands. Through tomorrow, get 30% off sale items with code SHOPSALE and these items are not final sale yet. Post code, it’s close to 50% off. If you miss this sale, don’t fret… I think J.Crew has a lot of summer inventory to get rid of judging by the frequent 30-40% off sales. In-store prices may be better.
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to pamper / the french pharmacy (round 2)

Previously… to pamper / the french pharmacy (round 1) & shu uemura

I liked this lip balm enough to dedicate a post to it: Dermophil indien lip balm. When I was doing research on French pharmacy products worth trying, I came across this lip balm. I looked in one pharmacie and couldn’t find it so I did the next best thing — I saved a picture of it along with other desired products and showed it to the next pharmacie clerk. (Whenever you ask if they “parlezvous anglais” they will never vigorously shake their head and say yes.) They keep so much behind the counter outside of the US.

At 5.10 euros per diminutive stick, it’s not the cheapest chapstick in town, but it works! It is thick and emollient (don’t put on too much or you will streak white), and has a light soothing smell. India was much colder than expected, so I used a lot of lip balm and also dabbed some under my nose when it was dying of dryness from plane air. Since it proved its worth over a week, I had to get my hands on more. I had a crazy time getting back to Paris as mentioned here and was on Mission Buy Lip Balm during my last 45 minutes there. Because it is hard to find outside of France and I have hoarding tendencies. Mission Buy Lip Balm was a success.

Next time, I’ll figure out the other varieties.

Where to buy in the US:

  • Amazon (Note: sold by third parties only)