to shop / cheerful casual flats

I rarely wear heels. More often than not, I’m in ballet flats, but that doesn’t stop me from keeping tabs on other flats. I do blame my roommate’s Toms catalog for inciting this shoe lust. Here are some of my faves (and don’t they look so cheerful?).

(Left to right)

* = (Use code FRIENDS for 20% off. Expires 4/1.)

Row 1:

Row 2:

Row 3:

Row 4:

Note on sizing based on my extensive research: Keds runs 1/2 size large to TTS. Toms runs TTS, but the lace ones run 1/2 to a full size larger. Charles Philip runs 1/2 size small. Let me know if you get/try any of these!

I also discovered Dr Scholl’s Palma metallic striped (or Eyelet) espadrille flats since I initially drafted this post. Check them out!

to shop / {marinière} saint james tees

*Updated on February 16*

Many bloggers are obsessed with the old French label, Saint James. They are famous for their Breton tee (as they are Normandy-based and all). Most styles are unisex. I think it’s better to leave the unisex style to the men, unless you’re going for Gwyneth’s look here. I am not in the rail thin camp to go baggy.

While you can order from their US website, Saint James is more accessible via J.Crew or Madewell, especially when either is running a promotion or having a sale.

  • The plus about J.Crew is that they carry the kids’ version and even when their promotional codes state that third party brands are excluded, the codes work! That is, if J.Crew doesn’t hide the item, as they often do during % off discounts. I saw the kid tees in person at the lower Fifth Avenue store in NYC, but couldn’t find a 14 to try for sizing. They also special colors…
  • The plus about Madewell is that they carry more styles and they tend to discount the classic styles. All styles are discounted on Madewell right now.

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to shop / madewell telegram clutch

I’ve never been a fan of J.Crew’s Madewell (or Club Monaco) because it was sold in-store or on Shopbop only. Their online launch was plagued with delays, and frankly, there are plenty of other places to spend my hard-earned dollars. But, the latest Alexa Chung collection and the new store on lower Fifth Avenue (nestled amongst many of my other favorite retail chains) piqued my curiosity enough to shop on their website.

I ordered a bunch of items during the recent 25% off promotion. Specifically, there were two versions of the telegram clutch: the calf hair telegram clutch and the embossed telegram clutch. Unlike J.Crew, there are barely any reviews to be found of Madewell items online, so it was a blind purchase like many of my other online purchases. It also does not help that Madewell images leave much to be desired. In case you are thinking of purchasing, here are some visuals and my two cents.

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to shop / alexa chung for madewell

I’m usually on top of designer collabs, but there’s been too much going on lately that I didn’t realize that the Alexa Chung for Madewell collection was launching last week. Apparently, it had crashed Madewell’s servers. I went online and debated whether to buy anything, but convinced myself to sleep on it and forgot about it the next day! Prices are not cheap!

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