to shop / marc jacobs 70% off “private” sale

Marc Jacobs often has 70% off sales… but I’m usually too lazy to pursue them and they don’t always have desirable merchandise.

It works on MBMJ shoes (which I love) and there are quite a few! The banded ballerina flats are $66 after discount. Code: SS12PRIVATE70.

to shop / marc by marc jacobs ballet flats (and finding them on sale!)

I write about ballet flats often. While I love Repetto, it’s Marc by Marc Jacobs that gets me through most of the days of the year. I do a lot of walking every day in NYC, so my requirements for a good pair of shoes is higher than the typical person.


  • MBMJ shoes are thicker and have more structure than many other ballet flats, which translates into better support. I’ve seen shoes made with noten (textured leather), nappa (super soft, but still structured), and calf leather (in between the two).
  • Width is on the wider side. I have wider feet and while I’ve never had to buy wide width shoes, these don’t hit the wrong spots. For other ladies with wider feet, Prada flats are also great.
  • I’ve been complaining that MBMJ doesn’t have enough styles with hardware, but it looks like my prayer has been answered!
  • I’m not sure how many styles they come out with each season, but it seems like they have many variations on one style. I’ve been seeing this less and less throughout the years though.
  • Sizing has been changing. Newer models run true to size or sometimes even 1/2 size too big. Older models are 1/2 size smaller, so size up 1/2 size.
  • Most shoes come with a rubber sole, but not all of their rubber soles are created equal. Some of them need a replacement sole sooner than others.
  • eBay is a trove for older styles. I just bid adieu to a pair that I acquired in 2007. I got them resoled once, but their time was up. I think 4 years is a good life for a pair of ballet flats I wore for at least 33% of the years! After stalking eBay for AGES (I’ll go into stalkin tips in a future post), I found a barely worn pair of the kitten wedge version of my 2007 shoes. They’re at the cobblers right now.
  • I’ve decided that I don’t really care for the Marc Jacobs line yet – I tried a pair on and while they were my favorite look of nude and black, the width was too narrow, massively slipperly soles, and had an elastic backing.

Here are some of the best styles on sale that are currently on the market. They typically retail for $200, so I consider anything $100ish to be a good deal.

  • MBMJ Noten Printed Lizard Flat / 615187 ($80) (previously mentioned here and pictured below in red). This one was available in red or green and is the sleekest style I’ve found to date. It’s currently available in green … not sure why they annihilated the red stock all of a sudden one day (and I’m too lazy to call and ask). It runs TTS to even a full size large. This is an excellent price for MBMJ and I often get compliments when I wear them out with an all black outfit or with stripes. Find them here

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