to eat / {my east village} melt bakery ice cream sandwiches

I sure love a good ice cream sandwich, but the good ones are hard to find and I am not diligent enough to try everything that nymag recommends. As I mentioned in the Big Gay Ice Cream entry, they carry Melt Bakery sandwiches (which I now see is included in nymag’s latest batch of rec’s). Even though Melt isn’t super far from me, BGIC is only a block away. How convenient! Over time, I’ve tried three flavors:

  • Lovelet – red velvet whoopie pie + cream cheese. Verdict: Not a fan. Too cream cheesy.
  • Minimalist – chocolate chip + vanilla. Verdict: My fave!
  • Thick Mint – crackly chocolate (which is basically chocolate + sugar crystals) + mint. Verdict: It’s ok… I still love the minimalist.

What do I consider to be a good ice cream sandwich? The perfect marriage of a cookie exterior and an ice cream exterior, where either distracts from the other. At the Meatball Shop, I eventually stopped ordering the cookie and just got the ice cream because the cookie wasn’t the right consistency. I’m not sure what Melt Bakery’s secret is, but I’m sure a part of it is having everything weld together for enough time.

I eventually need to make my way over to Melt Bakery. Their flavors are… irresistible.

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